Best Christmas Gift . . .

Last week I hosted my first Zoom Party!  A party to celebrate 20 years in business.

To all of the ladies who attended, I am sooooo grateful that you were there.  For those who could not make it, I felt you in spirit.  That’s the great thing about glamgirls, I always feel you there with me!

The evening was so much more than I could have ever hoped for.  We laughed, we even cried and the stories that were shared meant the world to me.  I was lucky enough to hear about what glamjulz meant to all of you.  What a gift, the best Christmas gift a girl could ask for.

The virtual Bingo game was a huge hit, even though, as you learned that evening, I really don’t have any idea how to play, my bingo boards were missing a row of squares and the rules kept changing!  Ha ha!

Nevertheless you were all great sports.  Not only did you win some sparkly gifts but one of you was even gifted from another player who had won twice!  How sweet is that?

I went home that night so pumped up and delighted with the evening, I fell into bed at around 1am because there were still julz to be made before Christmas, that night.  I didn’t feel tired at all, I just felt the magic of what glamjulz means to each and every one of you and it made me want to work even harder.

I love you all so much, the happy dance I did this weekend is the real deal, all because of you!  You really do make my dreams come true.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and here is to another 20 years!

Merry Christmas to all!


Monica XO

If you want to celebrate 20 years of glamjulz in 2020 you still can by joining our private Facebook group.  Click HERE to join now!

A special thank you shout out to my friend Karen Baring who facilitated for me and kept us all in line!  Ha ha!


Lisa Rudd-Scott

An awesome night celebrating Monica and glamjulz. Covid could not stop us! Virtual bingo so fun!!
I love to sparkle with my glamjulz ❤️❤️

Monica Graves

Thank you Lisa!! It was so much fun, I loved how you and Keri were giggling so much at the end! Adorable! XO

Niki Smith

So much fun celebrating Monica and 20 years of amazing jewelry! I really loved being part of the party!


Monica I was soo delighted to be invited! The gift was truly mine to share in your energy and enthusiasm and excitement. I loved hearing the memories and different ways your sparkle has affected each of us. Twenty years is a significant accomplishment and your creativity is unbounded – from Fimo to crystals, pendants to mask chains, you continue to lead the way. Big virtual hugs until I get to see you again offline. Congratulations

Sue Coleman

It was a great way to celebrate 20 years of Glamjulz. It was a fun evening, looking forward to receiving my Bingo ‘winnings’ surprise box. Love my Glamjulz!
Wishing you every success for 2021 and for many years to come!


Happy 20 yr Anniversary! That was so much fun! Only Monica would plan to play a super sparkly Glamjulz game of Bingo and have no idea how to play! I think that it is the best part of how inspirational Monica really is . Just throw on yourGlamjulz , grab a cocktail & do something that you have never done or know how to do & just go for it.


Hey Monica I’m so sorry I couldn’t make this bash. 20 years of your creativity and talent is a great achievement and deserves celebrating.
Loooove your happy dance with Boink!


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