Bubbles & Baubles

What was I doing last year at this time?  The year before that and the year before that?

I was getting ready for a super-glam night in London, Ontario!  An evening called Bubbles and Baubles where I, along with several other Canadian jewelry designers gathered to sell our creations and give back 25% of our sales to The London Children’s Hospital Foundation.

I absolutely loved this event.  My Mom and I arranged it so that we could also have a girl’s getaway!  We would head out early the day of, just a couple of Canadian road warriors traveling through a snowstorm on the 401, switching the radio stations back and forth between CBC, Yacht Rock Radio, and the Elvis Station.  We would, of course, sing to our hearts desire the entire way there.

First stop was always to go straight to the venue.   Barney’s Pub, one of London’s most beloved watering holes for the past 125 years.  To me this place is just heavenly with it’s retro-chic ambiance.  The space glows with coziness and sophistication all wrapped up in one.  We always go there first to get the julz set up for the evening. Next, a leisurely lunch in London with a glass of wine and then off to the hotel for some TV and rest.  I would make sure Mom knew how to access all of her favourite shows, had a nice dinner ready and then she would continue on with her cozy time while I got glam and headed to the big event.

Elana Johnson, who is the founder of the event is one of the most charismatic people I have ever met.  Always looking so gorgeous and taking such good care of all of her jewelers, she is a real life fairy godmother and her passion for helping children in her community is contagious.  Everyone wants to get involved and help.

This year I was so happy when she called on all of her jewelers again to keep the party going and the magic alive by hosting the event online.  Last week I was part of a meeting with Elana, Jennifer Baxter, the Director of Community Relations at the Children’s Health Foundation, along with a few of the other jewelers, including my very talented friend Caroline Bruce from Tweak who I interviewed on the “Get to Know Her” show last month.

So many creative ideas were exchanged between us, there are going to be 10 minute presentations from all of the jewelers and the fabulous Elana Johnson will be hosting the entire event.

We might not be at the retro-chic Barney’s this year but Elana has figured out how to bring Barney’s to her guests.  Truly amazing!

Now that the event is online, the good news is that you can join in for this magical evening from wherever you are, click HERE for all of the information on how you can participate on Wednesday February 10th at 7pm.

Everything seems to be working out and I’m so happy to be a part of this event once again,  Now I just need to figure out how to do the virtual road trip with my Mom.  Ideas anyone?

Monica XO

Have you checked out the glamjulz sparkle project?  Click HERE to get involved with helping to raise money for art supplies for inner city kids in Hamilton.

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