No Pressure in 2021

Happy New Year and happy Monday to you!

I’d love for you to join me today in taking a deep breath and just sit still for a few moments.

Think about what your headspace was like one year ago at this time.

For me, I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 6:30am to be ready for the first Monday back to reality.  I woke up out of my holiday bliss feeling pressured before my feet even hit the ground.

Pressured to plan my year, pressured to get back to the gym, pressured to lose 15lbs, pressured to register for networking events and business courses, pressured to plan events and shows, amongst a whole slew of other little things.

The pressure was all coming from within.  I have it at the start of every new year.  While there is a get up and go feeling of excitement, the pressure mostly makes me feel inadequate, desperate, like I’m back on my same old hamster wheel.

The pandemic has been horrible of course and so many people are suffering, which is the devastating.

It does amaze me however, that in life, even when circumstances are at their worst we adapt, we learn and we grow.

Here’s how my first Monday in 2021 is coming along.

No alarm clock, haven’t used it since April (unless I really have to be somewhere early, which was probably twice last year), went downstairs and made some tea, lit a candle and sat on the couch to enjoy my tea, the dog on my lap and the flicker of the candle, my own little meditation.  Next, I bundled up and took a long walk with the dog through our lovely little magical forest.  Got home did a few yoga stretches and now I’m here at the studio, tidying up and getting things organized.

I want to be home by 3pm at the latest so I can watch “The Crown” and roast a leg of lamb for dinner tonight, Wayne’s favourite, I even got the mint sauce.

I don’t feel pressure for the first time in maybe a lifetime.

2020 taught me that my time is sacred.  I need to protect it and chose to fill it with the things that make me happy and stop with the chasing, I’m not even really sure what it is I have been chasing.

How I spend my time has become more intentional, my work is more meaningful and I am able to trust myself more because even though I’ve experienced my own personal struggles I can now see clearly my inner strength and the capacity I have to truly love myself.

There are no big goals and expectations to live up to this year.  I’m just choosing to let things flow and trust.

Thank you 2020, I’m not sure I would have made it to this peaceful place without you.

Monica xo

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