Community Wonder Women!

It has been my experience that over the last 10 months we have had two very different realities.

In the beginning we had to –

  • Physically distance ourselves from others
  • Go without seeing family members and friends
  • Reschedule important appointments indefinitely

On the flip side, in less than a year we have figured out –

  • How to make meaningful connections on screen
  • Gather outdoors a safe distance apart
  • Visit our healthcare providers via phone or on-line

These are just a couple of examples which illustrate then and now.  What I love is watching how we amazing humans find new ways to adjust.  We don’t stand still, we look at what once was and figure out very quickly how to find a new normal that can still be fulfilling and rewarding yet preserving our sense of community and mental health.

Last year I had the privilege of working with many Wonder Women right here in our community who did not take “no” for an answer when it came to raising money for causes they wanted to support.  Their combined passion and drive was motivated by the fact that even though Covid-19 had stepped into the spotlight, that was no reason not to fight even harder to make a difference in the lives of those in our community who are most vulnerable.

With that said,  I would like to thank these incredible community Wonder Women.  I feel so honoured that they worked with me to create the perfect julz to raise money for their causes.

Combined, tens of thousands of dollars went into our communities thanks to their passion projects.

Thank you to –

Nancy McMillan – Bright Run

Susan Bookey Bassett – Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario

Carmela Bozzo – Halton Women’s Place

Kim MacDonald – Breast Cancer Society Canada

Karin Kolb – Sober-Skeete Family

Ashlee Leggat & Debbie Logel Butler – Cancer Assist Program

She’s Got Leggz – Halton Women’s Place

Monika Schneider – Zachary’s Gift

Meghan Ashby – Food Banks Canada

Joanne Wright – Cuban Vet Clinic

Shirley McCoy & Brooke Gordon – Soroptimist Canada

Danielle Zucchet – Bob Kemp Hospice

This is the way we are making changes!

Monica XO

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