A Special Message From Boink . . .

Hi to all of my friends!

I asked my Mom if I could write this blog for her because it’s all about me!

A little while ago my Mommy and Daddy found out that I have something called Lymphoma.  I’m twelve years old now so I decided with my Mommy and Daddy’s help that I don’t want any medicine or treatment, I just want to live a happy life for whatever time I have left.

When the Vet told us the news we were all crying a lot.  My Mommy and Daddy are still making my life as good as it could possibly be!  Last week I helped Daddy with some gardening and dug a hole, I still love going on my walks in the morning and the evening, I usually just need more breaks.  My appetite is really weird and I’m getting very picky.  My Mommy is making me scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and even my own chicken breast for dinner.

Me and Dad love laying on the couch together and watching movies, don’t tell Mom but the other night when she was visiting Oma I stole three bites of Dad’s pizza!

I’m not in any pain, I just like to sleep a lot.

The vet said I have one to three months but Mommy is doing some special healing stuff on me at night before bed and I get to sleep with Mom and Dad all the time now, which I love!

Mommy is working on a special project for work and she needs my help, I definitely have the energy to help my Mom, anytime she needs me.

We’re not sure how much time I have left but that’s okay.  We are enjoying every day to the max and I am so happy that I got to have lots of pets, kisses and cuddles from you too.

When I do cross over to the other side I know there are lots of people waiting who will love me.  Mommy tells me that my Opa will be so happy to have me be his new best friend.

I know this is a sad blog but I want you to know that I love you all and I am so happy that I was rescued seven years ago by my Mommy and Daddy, they’ve always made me feel like the princess I am.

I’ve had the best life and I will continue to live it until it’s my time.

Sending you lots of wet slobbery kisses,

Boink XO

PS – Here is another story I wrote about how I was adopted, click HERE if you want to read about my bumpy road to love! XO



Oh Boink! I sending you love and lot of ear and chin scratches! Reading your blog tonight my eyes are welling. You are a strong trooper.
You’re mummy and daddy have given you a wonderful life and love you to Jupiter and back. You will continue to enjoy every moment with them. I feel your mummy and daddy’s pain…hugs and love to them too!
Love – Auntie Carolyne

Serena, Lance, gracie and landon

Boink ❤️❤️❤️ Sending wishes to you all


Thinking of you all and sending you all lots of love especially to you Boink! It was always a highlight of my studio visits to see you Boink!

Monica Graves

Oh Courtney! She LOVED seeing you and Di! It was a highlight for her too

Tara MacIntosh

My sweet Boink! I’m sending you so much love. You have the best mommy and daddy and they will take the best care of you for as long as they can. Big hugs and lots of love. Xoxo

Sharron Langford

Dearest Boink
You have always been a blessing. Your Mom and Dad are so proud to call you theirs. When you cross over to the otherside Radar and Bandit Langford will be there to help you as need arises. Hugs to you and your Mom & Dad.


Hi Monica. I am so sorry to hear about Miss Boink. We have been dealing with a similar situation with Riley since March 2020. We sought treatment at an amazing clinic in Toronto and Nik also had a phone appt with a holistic vet in Toronto. He offered some good advise. All Riley’s doctors told us 2-4 months and it’s been 16 months. Please let me know if we you need anything. I’m only a phone call/email away. Sending lots of love to Miss Boink and you. xoxoxo


Thank you Boink for bringing so much love and happiness to your mom and dad. You are super special and loved by so many, including those of us who haven’t met you in the flesh/fur.
Cant wait to see what special stuff you’re making with your mom xoxo

Gail Hannigan

Our fur babies are very special and complete us.
Sending love and hugs ,
Gail and Jim


Oh baby Boink!!! The best puppy in the world! Sending you , Mommy and Daddy all the love and healing I can!! Miss you all


If our furry friends could live as long as the amount of love and joy they give us they would live forever. I hope this summer is filled with as many days as Boink can fill with that love and joy and when it’s time to go to the other side she’ll have so many friends and playmates, including my Fonzie and Sophie who I miss every day <3


Dearest Boink,
You’ve added so much joy and love to your Mom and Dad’s life. I’ll always remember your sass too when we would visit the design studio in person! I loved the costumes and jewelry you’ve modelled – so much fun! When you expire physically, may your spirit live on forever.


My sweet princess Boink, the thought of going to the studio and not seeing your sweet face is so sad. I will miss bringing you treats and cuddling with you in my winter coat. I know your mom and dad are spending extra special time with you to.make sure you know how truly special you are to all of us! Love and hugs to you and Mommy and Daddy. Auntie Fonda xoxo


My dear Boink
You have the same sweet tenacity and Jack Russell strength of heart as Peaches. We are sending much love and comfort to you all.
And I know our dear Basil will be there for you on the other side of that bridge to dig, chase squirrels and find that best spot to snooze in the sun.
Go out with a howl!
Love Llana and Peaches


Sad news indeed…… Never gets easy , still miss my boss ol mauiiii boo….forever they are in our hearts, spoild one way or another… Thunderstorm just ended, my Suzie beside me after hiding downstairs, my spoiled kittie acted like its been months , love going both ways …good luck with tha journey, take photos, lots of sloppy kisses…..


Boink you are a brave soldier and your Mommy and Daddy are going to miss you more than you can imagine. When you cross over the Rainbow Bridge, if you should run into Patches and Peanuts, they too were rescues, tell them they’re still missed. They’re a couple of good pals for you to chum with when Opa is busy
Big hugs n loads of love

Julie Donnell

Oh Boinkers I am heartbroken reading this! Thinking and praying for you, mom and dad. Sending everyone lots of love especially to you Boink! I loved giving you scratches and kisses when I visited the studio. I miss you guys sooo much, it has been so long because of Covid. Love you all to the moon and back!

Mell Josephs

❤️❤️❤️❤️. Abundant amount of love to you Boink, Mommy and Daddy!! Peace, prayers and blessings!


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