My Bumpy Road to Love

Hi everyone it’s me – Boink!  My Mommy asked me to be guest blogger for this week’s blog.  You know what I say to that?  It’s about time!!! Is there anyone else who could be more important to be my Mommy’s first guest blogger?  I don’t think so!

My Mommy loves how confident I am and how I always walk with my head held high.  Sometimes I bark at my Mommy and Daddy just to get them moving in the right direction, like to the park or in the car or to take me up to their bed for snuggles all night long.  I pretty much run the show around here and they are both very lucky to have me.  You might not believe this but I wasn’t always this confident.  Like my Mommy always tells me – it’s all of my good times and bad times that made me who I am today.

Here is my story, oh yeah, grab some tissues, and a treat!  You should always have a treat.  No matter what you are doing!

Since I was born in 2008 I’ve had other Mommys and Daddys. My first Daddy was a pug and my Mommy was a Jack Russel.  That’s why people call me a Jug.  Isn’t that so funny and cute?

After I was born I went to live with a human Mommy and Daddy.  They weren’t very nice people.  They never should have taken me to their house.  They locked me up in a cage all day long and I was scared and confused.  I couldn’t love them.  They were not a real Mommy and Daddy.  They did not give me important medicines that I needed because they did not have enough money.  They fed me human food and 50% of my little body was just fat.  This made me feel terrible.  I got really angry living with them.  One day the man tried to grab me so I bit him and he broke my ankle.  He never took me to the vet so my ankle healed in a weird crooked way.

The longer I stayed with these people the angrier I became.  It was impossible for me to be a dog who gave lots of love because I didn’t know what love was.

I must have believed something really good would happen to me because one day the bad people decided to give me up because they couldn’t “handle” me anymore.

I was adopted by a nice older lady and her husband and they named me Boink – the best name ever!  When I first got to their house I was scared.  I did not trust any humans and they were warned that I was an “aggressive dog”.

My new Mommy and Daddy believed that I could show love and they took lots of time with me to show me love and learn to trust them.  They were really patient because I wasn’t very nice sometimes.  They introduced me to so many things that I love to do.  Cuddling, watching TV, playing with stuffed toys and going for walks in the park.

I stayed with this Mommy and Daddy for four whole years and I loved it there.

Then one sad day came.  My Daddy wasn’t there anymore and my Mommy got sick and couldn’t care for me on her own.  She had to give me up for adoption.  She loved me so much and letting me go hurt us both so badly.  We cried and cried.

I had to go to a foster family and live with them until they could find me a new Mommy and Daddy.  The foster family was really good to me.  They let me eat pork sticks in their bed and those things are delicious (and fattening)! They were hard working people and they had to leave me at home during the day.  I didn’t like that very much.  I was not used to being alone.  The people from my adoption agency wrote really nice stories about me on Pet Finder while I waited for the perfect Mommy and Daddy to read them and want me.

A couple of months went by and one day my foster Mommy told me that I was going to have a very merry Christmas.  A couple named Monica and Wayne wanted to adopt me.

I was so nervous.  I knew they must have already loved me because they drove through an ice storm all the way from Burlington to come and get me in London.

I met them for the first time in the lobby of my foster Mommy’s apartment building.  The adoption agency lady was there too and there were a lot of humans talking.  I was shaking, it was chilly outside but I was shaking from butterflies, jitters and feeling very confused.  I don’t like feeling confused, I needed someone to pet my head and tell me everything would be okay.

I was looking at all of the people and hearing the voices, when the man named Wayne got down on the floor and let me sniff him.  He petted me gently on my head and spoke to me in a nice soft voice.  I felt love, so much love, ooooh I liked him A LOT!

The Monica lady was asking a million questions about me.  She seemed to have a lot of worries about my health and what I liked to eat.  She talked a lot to the adoption lady and then signed a bunch of papers.

We all walked out of the apartment together to Wayne and Monica’s car and my foster Mommy had me all cozy and warm in my little red coat.  She put all my luggage into the car and gave me one last kiss goodbye.

I sat in the back seat with Wayne and Monica drove.  There was a little bed made for me in the back seat but I just wanted to sit on Wayne’s lap.

When I got to my new house I ran in and sniffed everywhere.  I gave that place a thorough inspection.  I found a big red bone with these nubbins that felt so good on my teeth.  I chewed it and Wayne and I played a fun game of tug of war.

I fell so in love with Wayne.  He was the perfect Daddy for me.  I wasn’t so sure about Monica and I really did not understand why I had to share Wayne with her.

I was having some crazy mixed emotions and sometimes I would do bad stuff.  A few times I would go sit on Monica’s lap, pee on her and run back to Wayne.  Sometimes I would also nip at either of them if they tried to kiss my face or give me a hug.

The first few months together were hard on all of us.  Just like in any relationship we had to learn how to build trust and I did not trust most humans.

Now it’s four years later and I trust my Mommy and Daddy completely.  I love them both so much.  They are my whole world.  My Mommy travels a lot with work, if she goes away for 10 days or 10 minutes I can’t tell the difference, I jump on her and pin her down with kisses as soon as I see her again (and I don’t pee on her anymore).  My favourite outfit is my pink harness, which Daddy calls my sports bra, and my little pearl necklace.  I love to hog the bed and make sure my Mommy and Daddy rub my belly daily! I am at my ideal weight now and I have lots of muscles because they walk me at least twice a day, I get healthy treats like carrots and broccoli and I have so much energy.  I can jump as high as my Mommy’s face when she’s standing up and I really need to kiss her bad!

I’m rarely alone because Mommy and Daddy take me everywhere.  When they need “alone time”, I’m not sure why they ever do, I’m never sad because that means I’m going to my Oma’s house!  My Oma is my Mommy’s Mom.  I love her too.  We snuggle on her bed and watch our most favourite show, “The Social”.

I’m the happiest, luckiest dog in the world! I’m the CEO of glamjulz where I work with my Mommy and three aunties Dawn, Maggie and Natasha.

I’m the campaign manager for our Love & Loyalty bracelets and I get to meet lots of beautiful sparkly ladies who come to our studio and buy my Mommy’s julz.  They are really nice to me and sometimes bring me treats.

My Mommy and Daddy changed my life.  Love always wins!


Boink XO

CEO, Professional Blogger, Jewellery designer, Unpaid Motivational Barker (aka Bossy Boots)



This touched my heart. (Through tears!) I feel it 100%!!!. My little pug baby had a horribly rough start, she had special needs that her old owner wouldn’t provide for. We had trouble getting to know each other too, but now I can’t imagine my life without her. Thank you Boink for sharing your story!! Its such an important one to share, as alot of these rescue babies dont always find their loving mommy and daddy! You are so lucky!!

Monica Graves

I love sharing stories Vanessa!! Thank you for telling us about your pug baby! I hope you rub her belly lots too!!! You are a really nice Mommy and I like your pug’s Daddy too!

Love Boink XO

Elizabeth Upsdell

My basset Bud.. he too had 2 previous homes before we adopted him. We had no idea he had major aggression issues.. after I went back to the SPCA to inquire about it I then found out he was terribly abused by those families and that if we returned him he would be euthanized.. it’s not his fault he’s the way he is.. 10 years later we have adapted our lives to fit him… when company comes he is either muzzled or he gets full run of the upper part of the house.. people have said many times we should have given him up… my response… if he was an adopted child and misbehaved would you say the same thing??? He is in his forever home.. I feel badly that we can never pet or cuddle him the way we can our other dog but at least he knows he’s loved.. thank you for sharing your story..

Monica Graves

Elizabeth! Yaaay you are an amazing dog Mommy too!! I am so happy for Bud!

Love Boink XO


Oh Miss Bossy Boots, Miss Boink…I only knew part of your story. Thank you for sharing the rest.

I think you and your family are very lucky to have each other and I am lucky to be part of that outer circle in your life. I missed seeing you the last time I was in, but mommy told me you liked the carrots I brought you.

Hope to see all of you soon.

Love, Auntie Fonda ❤

Monica Graves

Auntie Fonda!! I love my carrots! I always want to eat the whole bag but Mommy says three at a time is enough for little old me! Maybe I should sleep over at your house and eat carrots all night long!!

Love Boink XO


I would love to have you at my house, but Ophelia and Gatsby rule the roost here. Perhaps we will have to have a road trip…❤


Loved the blog! Tears and laughter make for a great story. So glad you don’t get peed on anymore, Monica! xo


Hi Teresa!
I don’t pee in my Mommy anymore you’re right! Hmmmm… maybe I’ll surprise her one day for old times sake! Tee hee hee! Thank you for reading my story

Boink xo


Hey Boink I’m happy you finally found a great forever home. When Llana and Pirate came to take me from my puppy sisters and the farm where I lived I wondered how life in the big city would be.
Fortunately the park is full of squirrels to chase and birds to bark at. Also lots of stinky things to dig up and roll in. Yum!
Pirate spoils me with forbidden treats. Llana walks me everywhere she goes and squeezes me a lot. She was hardly mad when I chewed her boots. But really, how could a dog resist?!
We are both lucky to be so loved and we love them right back!
Your pal Peaches

Monica Graves

Peaches!! I am so happy you are getting all that love! You deserve it! Boots can be yummy! Have you tried towels or blankets? They taste good too! We are just too cute! Thanks for being you Peaches!! Love Boink! Woof!! XO

Mary Pacenza

Omg Monica , I’m balling my eyes out!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️What a beautiful love story Boink was so lucky to have found you both ❤️I’m so sorry you have to go through this, losing a gut baby is very very difficult sending love and strength your way

Mary Pacenza

Omg Monica , I’m balling my eyes out!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️What a beautiful love story Boink was so lucky to have found you both ❤️I’m so sorry you have to go through this, losing a fur baby is very very difficult sending love and strength your way

Tonia Brunetti

Oh no! How awful for Boink! What horrible people!! My heart is breaking and it is not easy to type when you are crying. Poor Boink. I’m so happy she found you and your husband. Nothing breaks my heart more than animal cruelty! I love you so much Boink! I wish I could have met you. I love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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