Heartbreaking Pandemic Business Closure

Meet my friend Diane and her furry kids, Luca and Angel.

Last month Diane reached out to her friend Julita Wieczorek. She wanted to touch base and see how she was doing. Julita  is the owner and founder of Our Angels – Dog Rescue where Diane and her husband rescued their beautiful dogs. When Diane finally connected with her friend Julita, this is what she told her:

“Diane, I have had to close down my dog rescue, because of Covid.  I had many dogs trapped in boarding, all of them fully vetted. Sadly, after a few weeks I had to send them to local rescues for free. This decision left me with huge vet and boarding bills. I had to take out a private loan which I am sadly still paying.  I’ve been running my rescue for eleven years and there have been so many personal losses. “

This news broke Diane’s heart.   She has witnessed the tremendous work Julita has done for animals over the years. With limited funding she has given everything she could to rescue dogs from neglect, abuse, abandonment and over breeding.

Many of the dogs she rescued had never seen daylight nor had they had decent food or clean water. Those dogs were coming from puppy mills, hoarding situations or just neglect.

People like Julita are angels sent here to rescue these beautiful animals. Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries, protecting us, loving us and giving us their loyalty and companionship.

On May 3rd Diane celebrated her birthday!  When Anthony, her husband, asked her what she wanted,  she could only think of one thing, to help Julita.

Diane wants to give back the protection, love and loyalty she receives daily from her dogs, to Julita.  She wants to help her recover the personal expenses she incurred to save all of the dogs she could.

To help raise the funds for Julita, Diane collaborated with us, here at glamjulz.

We have created these very special “Heart of Life” bracelets to help Diane support her friend.  They are $35 dollars and all of the proceeds will be donated to Julita to recover her expenses.

Diane’s goal is to raise $4,000 for Julita.

If you would like to make a purchase or a donation and read more about the bracelet click HERE .

Monica XO



Awe you are just fabulous! I am so grateful to have been able to collaborate with you on this!!

I am overjoyed with appreciation for all of the beautiful humans who have helped me with this near and dear to my heart mission!!!

Monica Graves

You are an incredible person Di! You are making such a difference for dear Julita! I’m happy to support you however I can xo


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