Hanging On To The Little Things

So, today I just happen to be as excited as a teenage girl in 1984!  This coming Tuesday I am interviewing Sandy Horne, bass player for The Spoons whom I absolutely adored in high school.

All of the excitement got me thinking about that fifteen year old girl and the things she treasured.  I decided to do a little dive into my time capsule of items I keep close to me and thought I’d tell you a little bit about them.

That Snoopy watch, my Oma gave me that when I was ten years old.  The deal was that she would buy me the watch once I learned how to tell time.  Snoopy was my fave and I wore that watch all through high school, I’d still wear it now, I should really get a new band for it.

The little bottle of 4711 Cologne?  My Dad’s sisters in Germany would send these over to me as little extras with my birthday gifts.  No one else in my high school knew about it and it was my signature scent, I felt so cool when I splashed it on.

The red bangle?  That’s my Oma’s from the forties, passed down to my Mom who wore it in the fifties, I just had to have it in the eighties!  My Mom let me wear it whenever I wanted.  It was so unique, I would love wearing it with an oversized shirt, usually one of my Dad’s old work shirts.  Okay, I need to bring that look back!

The two little rings?  That was just me, always spending my babysitting money on jewelry!

Monica Normann, 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987 ?  My high school diary!  Every dance, every crush, every concert, every crash diet, every party, every family celebration, every time my parents or my brother pissed me off, it’s all in there! Ha ha!

My CFNY ‘ 84 mixed tape?  – This one is my most sacred, filled with music from some of my favourite bands at the time – The Spoons, OMD, Haircut 100, Blue Peter, New Order, Talk Talk, Wham and Duran Duran.

My Canada’s Wonderland Seasons Pass?  Sure, I liked the rides but, come on, I needed this pass mostly for the concerts at the Kingswood Music Theatre.  My brother and I and all of our friends would go!  We loved it.  We saw bands like The Go Go’s, INXS, Hall and Oates, Howard Jones, so many good ones, I wish I had kept all those ticket stubs.

Finally, that giant pendant necklace?  This piece was made with brass and glass by a very famous Toronto jewelry designer by the name of Rafael.  It’s a piece I remember my Mom wearing in the 70’s.  She wore it long with her maxi dresses.  When she let me “borrow it” in the 80’s   (I still have it Mom!) I would wear it short and under a collar.  I made it look real new wave, ya know?

Thanks for indulging me in this little trip down memory lane!  Are you up for another trip?  Please join me tomorrow for my interview with Sandy Horne.

Some “old emotions” will come up for sure!

Monica XO

HERE is everything you need to watch the interview Live tomorrow! XO

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