About Us

Thank you for landing on our website and I would like to officially welcome you to glamjulz.

I founded my company in 2000. We are based in sunny Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Who is “we” you ask?

Well there are a couple of important people that make this ship sail smoothly! First of all my husband Wayne Graves. When we met in 1997 his words to me were, “Monica you need to turn this hobby into a business and give it a name!” Three years later glamjulz was born! Wayne created our 1980’s inspired logo and the rest is history! Now Wayne works behind the scenes keeping up with R&D, Social Networking, editing, booth design, photography and all the other things an awesome husband does to support his wife!

Dawn Bartels is another big player on our team. Let’s just say that Dawn is my right hand girl! I’ve known Dawn since we were babies…our parents were friends and then came us! I never understood the person that said, “Don’t hire your friends as employees”…My years of trust in Dawn is what helps me to succeed. Dawn manages all the production. She makes sure your julz are perfect when they leave the studio. Dawn is a true artist that understands design and how to put colours together so they all can live happily together in one piece of jewelry.

I created glamjulz because I had a dream.  I wanted to do something with my life that made women feel empowered. I worked in the corporate world for 18 years and in 2007 I decided to take the leap and follow that dream.

Personally I was always a big fan of jewelry and loved how it made me feel. Wearing heirlooms from my Mom and my grandmothers always made me feel special and all grown up when I was a little girl. As I got older I developed my own taste in jewelry and realized that it really helped me to express who I was in the world.

Now that I’m running this ship full time I not only create custom jewelry for wonderful people like you but I have also used my company as a vehicle to give back to the community. Raising money for organizations like Halton Food For Thought, Dress for Success, The Juravinski Cancer Centre and our very own Three Little Wishes Fund.

So glamjulz really is a collection of designs that are reflective of a woman’s uniqueness and individuality. We hand make each piece using the highest quality glass beads, crystals and semi-precious stones. We continue to develop our dedicated consumer fan base (yes that’s you!), and glamjulz has now become a favourite of Canadian talent, fashionistas and Hollywood’s who’s who.

If I could sum up what we do…here it is:

Wedding? Party? Dinner? Movies? Concert? Meeting?

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We can custom design jewelry to match any outfit!

Hope you enjoy checking out the rest of our website. Most importantly a big THANKS to all of you for giving me the ability to work at something I love. What a gift!

Monica XO

Team glamjulz



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Sharon Caddy talks 'julz' with Monica
CH Morning Live visits the Studio
Monica at Joelle's on CH with Lori De Angelis

Here are some podcast interviews I’ve done:

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