20 Years of Joelle’s


Last Thursday September 8th was an exciting day!  Joelle’s in Burlington celebrated 20 years in business!

Why am I telling you this?  Ummmmm, because she’s an incredible entrepreneur and the very first boutique I ever sold to.

It was September 1999 when Joelle called me and said, “A customer came in here with one of your bracelets and I would like to carry them in my store.  Can you come in and show me your collection?”

My response, “Yes of course!!!!” I hung up the phone and had a combined feeling of WOW, along with, “How the heck do I sell jewelry to a boutique and what exactly is a collection?”

Well, I did the research, gathered up my julz, which at the time were “Designs by Monica”, and headed over to meet with Joelle.  I still remember how nervous I was.  To be honest, I had never shopped in a boutique as nice as this one.  I didn’t really know much about boutiques.  I was a girl who hit the malls when I needed a special outfit.

The nervousness got more intense as I opened the door.  I had no clue what I was doing.  Joelle was happy to meet me.  She told me that a woman had bought one of my bracelets at the Spencer Smith craft show and showed it to her.  I really wish I knew who she was . . . please, come forward if you’re reading this!

Joelle believed in me and what I was creating!  She took my line from a small display in her John Street store to the julz taking over at both Brant Street locations.  Joelle and I have had so much fun over the years.   Her support for my fundraising pieces has been ongoing and I’ve met so many wonderful women through her.  Joelle draws the best quality people to her.

When I met Joelle I had just moved to Burlington from Oakville.  She was the person who gave me support and helped me to pave my way in this flourishing city.  She showed me what a supportive city Burlington is and I can honestly say that through her connections I have met so many talented designers, lovely sales reps, and made so many close friends.

Joelle’s is not only a beautiful store but it is also the hub of positive energy and the heartbeat of Burlington.

I thank Joelle for everything she does for this community.  I am so proud to call this Wonder Woman my friend.

Can’t wait to see what the next 20 years brings.  I know that everything Joelle touches will continue to turn to gold.

Monica XO


Monica Graves

Victoria! Thank you so much! You are one of the amazing people I have met through Joelle! Love your blog! It’s on my list of faves! Thank you for all of your support over the years! XO


Wow! So incredibly moving… I had no idea that’s how it all started… Surround yourself with amazing people and the possibilities are endless! ❤️

Monica Graves

Amy! So happy you enjoyed the story! You are so right. I’m very grateful to know you too


This is so great Monica and so true:). Both you and Joelle are inspiring entrepreneurs and how lucky am I to know you both?! You should be incredibly proud of what you’ve built. You and Joelle are both Wonder Women in my books. Cheers to the next 20!!

Monica Graves

Tammy. You are such a Wonder Woman too!!! So grateful to know you! Thank you for your beautiful comment Xo


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