2017 Best Nine

Just yesterday I decided to pull off the glamjulz best nine photos of 2017 from Instagram.

There is a fun little website called 2017bestnine.com where you can type in your Instagram name and the site will calculate which nine pictures received the most likes in a one year time period.

I looked at ours and I was not in the least bit surprised.  What jumped off the page for me as our most popular were pictures (from left to right) two, three, four and five.  These 4 pictures were posted to bring awareness to our mission to raise money for cancer research and fund our Three Little Wishes campaign which directly helps a family who are suffering from the financial and emotional burdens of cancer!  Because of your  “likes” and I know a lot of you shared too, we were able to raise $3,000 for our family this year!

Our next most popular were pictures three, six and nine.  These pictures were all about our participation in the One of A Kind Show and our most recent glamjulz collection, dedicated to all of the places we love in Canada.

Lastly, pictures one and seven also received a whole lotta love.  These two pics were all about travel and adventure.

Looking at these results and pointing glamjulz in the right direction for 2018, I would make a safe assumption that you would love to see the following from us this year:

1) Continue to support community by designing beautiful limited edition julz that raise money for those who need assistance and live in our very own backyards.

2) Clearly, Natasha and I need to get out and do more Artisan shows together and keep supporting Canadian made shows as well as work on our own glamjulz initiatives to support local artists and makers!

3) I was so happy to see that you love when I post about Travel and Adventure!  This is clearly one of my biggest passions.  It’s a part of my life that gives me so much inspiration for jewelry design.  I LOVE traveling and I LOVE to be a tourist in my own home and discover rich and colourful landscapes.  I’ve traveled to so many places in the last 30 years, some of which I still have not shared with you.  I’ve got some big ideas percolating on how I can make you all part of those special trips.

This Instagram snapshot is only the beginning!  2018 will be full of all the things you love and packed with new surprises for you too!

I’m definitely going to make this the year where you really get to show the world your sparkle!

Monica XO

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