2020 Is Going To Be Different!

If you want to make a change in your life you need to do things differently?  Am I right?

My year kicked off with something I have never done before.  Instead of locking myself inside my cozy studio and working day in and day out on my business plans I decided to dedicate the month of January to trying new things that would feed my soul.

On January the 9th I got on an airplane with 12 other women and headed to Cuba for a Four Day Busi-Women Mastermind retreat.  I knew some of the women but not all.  Every single one of us are in business for ourselves and all of us signed up for these four days to learn and grow and come back refreshed and ready to take on the world in a new exciting way!

The trip was magical.  These women are magnificent, beyond all of my expectations.  The training we received by our infamous leader, Karen Baring was invaluable.  The official learning began on sunny, breezy mornings with coffee, tea and lots of brain power but continued throughout the day as we were given challenges that provoked thought and created intimate and deep conversations.

After the first day I felt like I had been re-introduced to myself.

It’s so strange to me but as years fly by and life presents itself with more and more responsibility I often forget who I am.  I forget about the woman I always wanted to become and instead I go into robot mode.  I am a slave to every “To Do” List that I write for myself and when it’s time to stop and relax I forget how.  My brain will not shut down.  To soothe myself what do I do?  Yup, write another “To Do” List.

Why am I telling you this?  Well, when I struggle I feel alone.  Sure I talk it out with my husband, my Mom and close friends but I still feel like something is really wrong with me.

Immersing myself in a four day retreat with women who were experiencing the same type of challenges was the best medicine for a happy 2020!  We were all in it together, we could relate so well to each other and we all let our guards down and just allowed ourselves to be vulnerable.  I learned so much from all of them.  We shared beautiful stories about how each of us inspired the other.  It wasn’t just me who felt the magic.

When we filed on to the airplane to head home to our loved ones we knew we had changed.  We had found ourselves again and we were ready to use our “Wonder Woman” power for good.  This power I have come home with is giving me higher purpose with everything that I do in my business and personal life.  Re-writing my business plan for 2020 took far less time than it has in other years because now I know I only need to work on the things that fill my heart with joy.

Monica XO

Are you looking for a great way to re-connect with your true self? Here are some other things I tried last month that you might like to explore as well:

  1. – Sound Therapy with Tiffany Tara
  2. – Get your friends together and make a Powerful Vision Board to set your intentions for the year
  3. – Use a Meditation App and make it a practice every Morning and Before Bed
  4. – Exercise daily – 30 minutes of sweating is all you need!
  5. – READ – The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes: Harnessing Our Power to Change the World


Hames Ahmed

I was on the this retreat and honestly it was amazing experience! It was a perfect break from everything that was happening in business and home. It gave the opportunity to reconnect with who I am and to know it’s ok that you don’t have it all together. Can’t wait for next year!

Maria Howlett

Oh Monica, you put my last year in words. I have lost myself in the doing. I lost myself in the details and focusing and learning and forgot about having pure abundant joy! The trip reignited my soul and my energy that I already have translated into some fun business ideas. This year will be epic!!

Andrée Craig

You have put into words how I felt! It was a fabulous reset and a great way to kick off the new year, ready to take on the world and so grateful to have gotten to know the wonder women on this trip.

Colleen Saunders

Beautifully said Monica. It was an incredible business trip with lots of learning, communicating, bonding & connection with other successful female entrepreneurs. Huge success under the powerful leadership of our very own Karen Baring!!


As a businesswoman, Busi-Women member and a busy woman, this retreat was essential for me to come away with clarity for 2020. The challenges we shared and the stories have kept me thinking and growing even after our return.

Sandi Laing

What a perfect recap of a magical trip! We laughed, we learned, we played and we cried. An amazing way to ignite our business and ourselves. 2020 is off to an amazing beginning!

CC Alexander

Wow. Epic blog. Powerful testimony of the soul! The quiet, mammoth strength of a group of women bonding, sharing resulting in a prescribed dose of a core confidence and knowing that we are not alone…sistas got yo back baby!

Alexandra Klich

Such a wonderful way of viewing the business retreat. You are so right that it was changing and so positive and it was so great that you were there with all of us getting out of our comfort zone. I like that you are taking through the next 12 months and hopefully we will be back at it next January learning more about ourselves and the wonderful women around us.


Great blog Monica! I felt we learned so much about each other and from each other. It is lonely as an independent business owner, and finding your tribe is a great source of comfort and inspiration. And we did that!


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