A Year of Treat Yourself Tuesday!


It’s coming up to our one year anniversary of “Treat Yourself Tuesday” at the glamjulz studio.

My idea for this special day came to be when I decided that I’d like to see you more often than I do.  I am one of those lucky girls who not only has wonderful supportive customers but I am also proud to call all of you glamgirls my friends.

Something truly magical happens when you walk through our doors.  We start talking about life, about challenges, about how we’ve overcome stuff and how we’re waking up and doing our best even when it’s not easy.

My studio is more than just a place where we create beautiful julz for magnificent women.  It is a place where you glamgirls come together and exchange positivity, excitement, laughter and project that little girl inside by playing and having fun in our sparkly showroom.

I believe we have the power to draw people to us who make our lives better and give us purpose.  I feel like I’ve been thinking and dreaming about every single one of you, before I ever met you.  Now that you have shown up to support me and believe in my dreams I can see clearly that dreaming is the best investment that I have ever made in glamjulz.

This coming Tuesday, December 20th, will be the last Treat Yourself Tuesday before Christmas and before the New Year!   I would LOVE for you to come by, enjoy a treat, share some laughs and escape from your pre-holiday stress.

Let’s celebrate year one of Treat Yourself Tuesday together.

Whenever you made time to visit us this year we LOVED the time we shared together and would really enjoy hearing about your experience in the blog comments below.

Monica XO




Hey Monica – This is the 2nd Sunday I have been in my office late slogging away on my files. It is such a joy (and a nice break) to see your email arrive and read your cheery blog.Thanks for this.
Best wishes for a very happy Christmas and much sparkle in the year to come!
Llana xo

Monica Graves

Llana! You are such an inspiration. You keep slogging away and get that work done! Just make sure a cozy fire, a glass of Bailey’s and a foot massage is in your near future! Thank you for being a part of my sparkly world! Merry Christmas XO


Wow one year!! So proud to be part of the journey … changes coming for me but all good ones! Can’t wait to see what TYT brings for the new year!! XO


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