Absolutely Fabulous Women over 40!

Last night I was honoured to receive an award for Community Support at the Fabulous Women over 40 awards ceremony at the beautiful Grand Victorian Convention Centre in Mississauga.

I was one of 40 women in the GTA being recognized for their accomplishments and contributions.

All guests received a program for the evening profiling each of the 40 women receiving awards.  When I opened the program the first thing I saw was a special greeting from our Prime Minister.  His words moved me, especially these, “It is fitting that the gala is being held in celebration of International Women’s Day.  Women are powerful agents of change and their leadership has helped to create a better, more equal world.”  Thank you Justin Trudeau, a better, more equal world is what everyone in the room last night works so hard for.

My Mom accompanied me to the celebration last night.  I had to have my biggest fan by my side.

My dear friend Lucy Santoro nominated me for this award and she also received an award for Health and Wellness. Lucy, a breast cancer survivor has been active in her own healing and in turn has done tremendous work to help others to heal through their trauma.

As you know I love what I do.  I love creating jewelry and I especially love how it makes women feel.  I remember when I started my business I thought, “Cool, I can make something, sell it and make extra money” That’s honestly as deep as it was for me back then.  I will never forget my first craft show, placing one of my necklaces on a customer’s neck and her whole face lighting up!  That’s when I knew that my julz were about more than just a fashion statement.  They could be used to transform people’s lives.

The Community Support Award I received last night was for the money  I’ve raised over the years through our Three Little Wishes fund, the support I give to Halton Food for Thought, Dress for Success, The Juravinski Cancer Centre and the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.   All of the money raised for these causes, which totals over $35,000, is through the sales of Limited Edition glamjulz pieces.

So, if you don’t mind, I need to digress for a moment!  As a kid I always wanted to help everyone.  I was a shy one, believe it or not, and my self-confidence was challenged constantly.  I had trouble sticking up for myself, but when it came to standing up for the underdog I always found my power!  Kids that were smaller than me, had a different skin colour, an accent, wore glasses, couldn’t afford nice clothes, those were my people and they were AWESOME! Looking back I guess I kinda was a mini Wonder Woman.  Standing up for my friends was how I rolled.

Today I have many brave women coming to me with their own stories.  Some are about pain and suffering, some are about empowerment, some are about community and some women just want to give back to a cause they believe in.  I am now working with women to assist them in creating their own unique commemorative glamjulz pieces so that they can add some sparkle to other people’s lives.

(Click HERE and then scroll down the page to read about the clients I have worked with.)

It is our responsibility to help our communities thrive, to show each other support and to share our wonderful stories.  Generations to come will learn from us and the world will become more equal.

The award I received last night wasn’t just for me. It was for all of you who support me.  Without you I could never be an agent of change.  Thank you for making it all happen.

Monica XO


Teresa Baerg

I have the privilege of working with Monica and her glamjulz team right now on a very special legacy bracelet in honour of my Mom, who died 30 years ago this April. It’s a milestone year for me in many ways, and I was inspired to do something to celebrate and remember my mom, while also giving back to the community in a really meaningful way. With the sale of the beautiful jewelry that Monica has created, I will be supporting the Lighthouse for Grieving Children (supporting Halton families and beyond) which provides hope and help to those who’ve lost a loved one. I unfortunately never received this kind of support. I hope to bring more awareness to this very important charity and have an opportunity to share my story, which will hopefully encourage others who’ve experienced grief, and hopefully raise a lot of money, too!

Debbie Dinning

I met Monica and was introduced to the beautiful, heart centered work she does really on a whim but the minute we met I knew it was meant to be and I had found a true ‘gem’. I too have my own business and really on a journey of embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. As a Regional Vice President with Arbonne International I was looking for a meaningful piece of jewelry to gift people in my organization once reaching a level of promotion. When looking for someone to design a piece for us I was looking for two things another local small business and one that had a reputation for giving back. I went to the internet and Monica’s website popped up, I read her story of once upon a time leaving the corporate world to pursue her true passion and resonated with it immediately as I too left my policing career after 16yrs to pursue a different path. It often takes courage and much vulnerability to do such a thing and I knew this was a woman, an entrepreneur I wanted to support.
I met with Monica and explained what our company represented and how that could be reflected in the piece I had in mind. She understood and we got to work right away coming up with the most beautiful bracelet to be gifted to my team of amazing, heart centered and passionate leaders in honour of their accomplishments and to remind them to never stop dreaming and living a life by design.
Thank you Monica, I am so grateful our paths have crossed and look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Monica Graves

Debbie. Thank you for your beautiful words. I just loved working with you. Girl Power all the way! XO


Monica and her julz have been brightening up my life for over a decade now. I love how her ideas transform into these julz that women all over Canada wear because they aren’t simply fashion pieces but they are stories and feelings. When my little princess was turning one I knew that I wanted a special gift to give to all of the ladies that were celebrating this amazing day with us! So I quickly asked Monica and glamjulz to create the perfect bracelet. It was pink and had the perfect silver star on it. The star of course symbolized my precious little girl who continues to be the star of our household. Thank you Monica for capturing our special day in the way that you know best… glamjulz is amazing !!

Vanessa McElroy

Monica, you are an Inspiration Every. Single. Day. You are so deserving of any and all recognition you get. You are a beautiful person my dear!!


Monica, you inspire me in more ways than one. When I am with you I don’t want to leave! You exude love, support and compassion in all that you do. It was a true honour to receive an award with you! Congratulations, so well deserved! Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle!

Gail Hannigan

Congratulations Monica! A very deserved reward. You are an inspiration and a breath of fresh air. I’m wearing my beautiful birthday necklace that you gave me yesterday. It was such a treat to have you visit for my birthday celebration and catch up with the ‘babies ‘ on the street.
You should have told us of your award and we would have celebrated with you too!

Michael Hofmann

Monica you are still as beautiful and youthful as ever! You must have a picture hidden somewhere – Doreen Graves maybe??

Congrats – you da best!

Bill Majoros

Hi Monica!

You’re one of the few people I know who truly follows their dreams and makes a living from their creativity.
A very very difficult thing to do.

From your charity work to the passion you put into your business;
You’re inspirational on every level!

So just to make it clear there’s no doubt you’re the Real Deal!
You’re self-reflection makes this even more so. It’s incredibly honest of you to reveal these feelings, I truly respect that.

(This comment also relates to your earlier blog about creative insecurity)

I my case I sometimes suffer from what I call the God/Idiot syndrome..
Mostly idiot lol
As a musician I’ve been lucky enough to play stadium shows to thousands of people, I’ve also played many nights to empty rooms.

I can record an LP that I feel is as good or even better than my heroes yet it won’t sell very well.
This can play strange games with your emotions if you let it.

The pendulum can swing between feeling on top of the world or feeling totally useless. The key is to find happiness within and to find balance!

Personal mantras-
Be a kind, understanding and compassionate person.
Make the most creative art you can,
Work with positive, talented people/friends.
Enjoy life.
It seems to me that’s what you do!!

Money and praise are not the measure of true happiness.
Enjoy the moment, the process and the journey.
Love your family and friends…
everything beyond that is to be taken with a grain of salt, positive or negative.

At the end of the day what truly matters is love of family, friends and a noble pursuit of great work!
Oh yeah, and a little rock n roll can’t hurt..
“We come from the land of the ice and snow,
From the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow”
“The world is, the world is..
Love and life are deep,
Maybe as his skies are wide”
So rock on sister..you’re the Real thing! You’re truly inspirational,
a heartfelt congratulations on a well deserved award!!


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