An Exclusive Collection for Matty’s Fab Avenue

Friday was a SUPER EXCITING day for our friend Matty, owner of Matty’s Fab Avenue and for us here at glamjulz!

Matty launched his Toronto District Jewelry Collection!

This collection was inspired after a three year friendship with Matty.  We met at the Toronto Gift Show back in the summer of 2015.  Matty has been carrying our julz as part of his on-line boutique since we met and this year he wanted to offer something NEW.

Over the last few years the retail market has been a challenge for many boutiques.  Whether an independently owned boutique is on-line or in a retail location, their competition is fierce!  What I mean by that is consumers have so many places to shop now!  We can shop on-line with big box stores, scour the internet for the best price on products we love and hey, we can even shop on-line with retailers in other countries.

How do small businesses keep their heads above water in such a volatile market?  They need to focus on two VERY important business rules!

1) Give customers an amazing shopping experience they will never forget.

2) Offer something unique their customers will not find anywhere else

Our friend Matty has mastered both of these rules!  Anyone who buys from him raves about the experience and his on-line presence is spreading like wildfire.

The other thing Matty has done is evolved his business model to work exclusively with Canadian Designers.  He has created a section on his website called the “Exclusive Collection Avenue” where he has collaborated with designers to give his shoppers products they will not find anywhere else, not even from the designers themselves.  He has bomber jackets designed for him by Lesley Hampton, Bow Ties by Dee Silke and Swarovski Crystal pendant necklaces from glamjulz.

As a Canadian designer this has been an incredible experience for me.  The exclusive Toronto District Jewelry Collection was born from Matty’s love and passion for the city where he lives, works and plays.  You will LOVE his Instagram posts about the collection.  He shares his personal stories about each district and models the julz so well!  Stay tuned every Friday over the coming weeks as he launches each district one at a time.

We wish Matty all the success with this beautiful collection and adore the energy and excitement he has behind it!  As a Canadian Designer I especially appreciate how Matty is committed to highlighting the artists he collaborates with.  He loves to give credit and celebrate everyone who is a part of the Matty’s Fab Avenue Family!

The guy’s got class!

Monica XO

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