Chihuly found me!


A couple of months ago I received a request for a custom necklace through the glamjulz website. We often receive custom requests and they are usually because someone is looking for the perfect julz to go with a special outfit.  This request was different.

A lovely woman by the name of Allison wanted us to create a piece that would replicate the look of “The Persian Ceiling” by Chihuly.  I had no idea who Chihuly was but was instantly intrigued by the photograph she sent me. We made Allison the perfect piece and it arrived in time for her to wear it to the opening night of the exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum.

This week Wayne took me to see the Chihuly exhibit and it was love at first sight.  How could I have not known about this amazing artist?  I mean, really, I took glass-blowing at Sheridan college for a semester.  Unfortunately my pieces did not turn out like his. Ha ha!

Chihuly has been a glass artist and teacher of the craft since the late 60’s, early 70’s. This in itself is so inspiring to me.  To see an artist evolve and master what they love, is fascinating to sit back and watch.

Often times when I am designing jewelry I think, how can I do anything else after this?  This is my best design, I don’t think I’ll have a better idea, ever.  I am always wrong.  Creativity is limitless.  I  often describe it  as a feeling that comes from something greater. Our mind and hands can channel  the most amazing ideas, solve puzzles and construct beauty quite effortlessly.  Much like a musician writing a melody or a chef creating a delicious meal.  It’s all about getting into the zone.

Chihuly lives in the zone. What he produces from glass is magical.  The way light shines through his work can alter a room, change a mood and uplift anyone’s spirit.

As soon as I crossed over into that Chihuly exhibit it was pure fantasy.  Beautiful colours, massive pieces of glass in beautiful shapes. I could have been deep down in the ocean in another world that had yet to be discovered. This was a powerful feeling.  I was excited to have discovered this artist and, while also anticipating what his next body of work could look like, I also felt enthusiastic about how my creations would evolve over the coming decades.

I think it’s important that we surround ourselves with beautiful pieces of art and embrace the stories behind the artist.  When we do this, we discover that we also have the  power to re-invent ourselves at any time and that our hearts and minds will never  stop evolving as long as we live.

I challenge you to create something NEW in your life next week, physical or emotional.  You might just end up in a whole new world you have yet to fully discover.

Monica XO



Hi Monica!!!

I’m so glad that you made it out to see the Chihuly Exhibit! And thank you again for the wonderful necklace: it is dazzling and ever-so fitting for the occasion and I will cherish it for many years to come.

Monica Graves

Lisa! So happy you enjoyed it! I hope you can get out to see the exhibit! XO


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