Christmas Wrappin’

When you look up “volunteer” in the dictionary it says, “A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.”

What it doesn’t tell you is that a person who volunteers is someone who is passionate about giving their time, energy and enthusiasm to others.

This weekend I had the joy of working with a handful of women who came to my rescue.  Last month we launched our first ever glamjulz advent calendar.  The response on these calendars was greater than I had ever imagined.  I did the math on our orders and we had 475 boxes to wrap in a very short period of time.

I put out a message to a group of about 20 women who I randomly judged would be good at “wrapping”.  Those who could spare the time came forward and were eager to lend a helping hand.

The conversations across the “wrapping” table were deep and meaningful.  These women are so special.  Many of them are part time volunteers in our community.  One is volunteering with the Halton Police for MADD, another with The Lighthouse Centre for Grieving Children and another with Wellspring.

Their hearts are so big and they were open to talk about how they live their lives to help others and how important it is to get involved with the community we live in.

I started off my weekend feeling stressed and overwhelmed about meeting my Advent Calendar deadline and making sure that each and every one of my customers who ordered one felt special when they opened their daily box.  Not to mention the fact that the One of A Kind Show starts in a few short days and I also have a BIG target for our Three Little Wishes earrings!!! Ahhhh, it’s okay, I’m still breathing!  Ha ha!

These women made me realize how when you go the extra mile for people it fills you up with love and joy and makes you want to spread it around even more.

I no longer feel stressed, I feel supported, organized and excited to hand these Advent Calendars over to my amazing customers who support me in everything I create.

To all the ladies who joined me this weekend, my gratitude overflows.  Not only did you help me accomplish my goal, you once again reminded me what life is all about.

Monica XO

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