Fall 2016 has me Reaching for the Stars


I know it’s such a cliché to talk about how quickly the time flies.

I think that we are constantly planning what’s next and sometimes we plan so far into the future we might just find ourselves living there instead of just being right here, right now.

I feel like the older I get my anxiousness about what’s to come gets more intense.  I try to relax and make things happen but there are little triggers that I have trouble navigating through.  I find myself playing the “what if?” game.

Are you sometimes paralyzed because you are afraid of making mistakes?

Choosing to make my life’s work a creative one often leads to “Will the audience love me? Notice me? Want more?”

Right now I am preparing for the launch of my fall collection.  There are some BIG trends coming up that I am giddy and excited about! Big pendants, chokers (my FAVOURITE) and asymmetrical earrings!

All of these trends are looks that I LOVE and I will re-create them in my classic “glamjulz” way.

My anticipation increases with the execution of these new designs.  I want them to be trendy, beautiful, and sparkly. When you choose one for yourself I want you to feel empowered and unstoppable.

I want all of my colour stories to speak to you.  I want you to find that one special combination of colour that makes you melt a little inside and say, “oh yes, that is so me”.

When all of these things come together I know that I have done my job as your glamjulz designer.

For me it’s always been about helping women and making all women feel like they can accomplish anything they desire.

My big launch will happen at the Toronto Gift Fair this August.  I’ll be showing the fall collection to beautiful boutiques that come from all across North America to do their buying.  The preparation that goes into this show is intense and I won’t lie to you, there are a couple of sleepless nights leading up to the big launch. A combination of excitement and stage fright.

With all of these doubts and second guessing I still go forward, I still put myself out there and I still reach for the stars.

Never let the human side of you stop you from achieving limitless success. That’s the real energy and magic that goes into glamjulz and I just LOVE passing it on to you with every piece!

Monica XO



Hi Monica, Want to tell you that without any pre-planning, my friend Joyce and I met up for a day trip to Niagara on the Lake recently and we were both wearing Glamjulz necklaces. Both lovely pieces, accenting our wardrobes for the day as we headed to the theatre. Thanks for your lovely work!
Take care,

Monica Graves


How fantastic! Thank you and Joyce for making Niagara on the Lake extra sparkly! Wonderful! <3


I think we all fall into the “what if” trap at some point. For most of us, it’s just a small part of the bigger picture. But for you, it’s your livelihood. Quite understandable if it freaks you out. Having said that, your creativity, skills, and sense of style will always see you through. I have yet see a collection where there isn’t something (or many things!) that not only speak to me, but they scream “You need me! Take me home with you now!” Best of luck at the big launch!

Monica Graves

Pam! Thank you so much for this! We already have a colour grouping where we all said, “this is soooooo Pam!” Can’t wait to see what your favourite is! <3

Barbara Crowder

Monica! Go Girl Go! As always you are up for the challenges ahead! Can’t wait to see the new collection, and wish you Every Success. Hugs, Big Hugs!

Monique Percival

You’re going to dazzle them all in August at the Gift Fair. I get compliments on all of my pieces when I wear them and I often do. I never used to wear this kind of jewelry but yours is so unique and fabulous.✨✨

Monica Graves

Monique! I find you quite unique and fabulous too!!

Thanks for wearing glamjulz so well! XO

Elizabeth Plouffe

The most important part of anything you do, is the YOU! People love glamjulz because they see how much you care and how much of yourself you pour in to every piece. I know that’s what makes me a devotee 🙂 I love the pieces I have and can’t wait to add to my collection xoxo


As always a great blog Monica! Passion like yours will always produce success so I am certain you will win the buyers over at your upcoming Gift Fair! glam on!

Monica Graves

Nancy! So happy you are enjoying the blogs! Thanks a million for all your support! XO

Alexandra Tyhuis

Monica, after all these years and your profound sucess and timing of your previous design launches, I’m sure you’re going to rock at this show. On a selfish note, I am excited for the OOAK to see what you’ve done then try and figure out which of the beauties to take home ! All success to you!

Monica Graves

You are awesome… always love how you look in my latest collections!XO

betty kuiper

With your glitzy charm,it will enhance the jewelry collection! Keep on sparkling and designing….. oohhhh blogs too


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