Girls just Wanna have FUN!

In the beginning . . .

Did I really pick up my first bead 26 years ago?  Noooooo… I could have sworn that was like two weeks ago.  Since I started this exciting ride of jewelry making I’ve always loved to bring my customers together in one room to celebrate and show them my latest collections.

Let’s do a quick rewind to the mid 80’s shall we?

In high school I was the queen of the basement parties!  Oh yeah, my Mom and Dad were so liberal and they loved having teenagers around – crazy, I know!  Ha ha! I was born with the magnificent ability to throw a kick ass party, no matter what the occasion.  I made personal phone calls to all the guests, hand-made invitations and coordinated arrangements for rides, sleep overs and taxi pick-ups.  Food was planned and prepared with my Mom and my brother and I carefully picked the best selection of music along with which SCTV & 80’s video VHS’s we would pull out when the party went into the wee hours.  My grades were never above average but my party planning skills sure were.

I remember reading an article once that said, if you’re not sure what you want to do with your life look at what you excelled in as a kid.  Specifically what you excelled in personally, take education out of the equation and bingo, that’s your passion!

This week at the glamjulz studio we are preparing for our VIP Early Access Spring Launch Party.  The evening will include an unveiling of our Spring Collection as well as delicious treats, special gift bags for our guests and bubbles of course.

These occasions bring me so much joy and fulfillment.  It is during these times (that) where I am reminded of all of the people who genuinely care about glamjulz and feel the excitement just like we do here at the studio.  The evening allows me to spoil my guests and give them a unique shopping experience.

Over the years the women who come to our events make the sweetest comments, ooooh they make me and team glamjulz feel so good-

“You feel like a long lost relative whenever you visit their studio. Whether it’s for a special event or just a visit, you are greeted with hugs and smiles and made to feel special” – Dee

“I love walking out the door in my glamjulz, always receive loads of compliments and the gifts I have given others have been a huge hit every time” – Natasha

“I love how charitable glamjulz is.  I attended a trunk show and Monica gave a portion of her sales to a local not-for-profit, plus she regularly raises funds for other non-profits. There is nothing like doing good and getting something special at the same time.” – Sarah

When I hear women making these comments I am so happy they understand that glamjulz has purpose.  The whole reason we create these fabulous julz is to help you show the world your sparkle.  When that happens you feel more powerful and then we get to watch you inspire others by making your hopes and dreams come true.  Isn’t that a beautiful cycle???

I’m really looking forward to our party this week.  The RSVP’s are rolling in and it’s going to be a smashing evening!  The glamgirls and I will be working on the perfect 80’s playlist and oh yes we have a TV and there will be some carefully selected videos to entertain our guests with.  I’m most excited about our brand new photo booth where our guests will be FREE to release their inner rock star!

It always feels good to celebrate so make sure you do!  Remember, when the workin’ day is done girls just wanna have fun!

Monica XO

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