glamjulz in Pakistan

Isn’t it amazing how we usually end up in the right place at the right time?

I was participating in a small show in Toronto last month and a beautifully dressed and accessorized woman came over to talk to me.  She was fascinated by glamjulz and had all kinds of questions about how I came up with my designs, the quality of the pieces etc…..  She then informed me that she was a buyer for a new store in Karachi, Pakistan called Showstopper.

Being a Canadian girl, when I think of Pakistan, I think of how volatile it is there.  All of the upheaval, pain and suffering that these people endure every day, I honestly never imagined that there may be some kind of “normalcy” in their lives.  I asked Fatima about this and she agreed, saying that everyday people put their lives at risk when they leave their front door, but they have become smarter, more strategic and and are learning to enjoy their lives. They still have presentations to make, parties to attend, business deals to close and gifts to give… and they need great accessories!

Fatima loved the vibrancy and colour of glamjulz and how “happy” the pieces looked.  Fatima and I arranged to meet in Toronto by the harbour the following week, and she chose some lovely necklaces and earrings for the store… glamjulz is now officially international!  Wooo Hoooo!!!

I hope that the beautiful women of Pakistan will enjoy the great energy of their glamjulz pieces, and that love, peace and happier days lie ahead for all of them.


Kathy Wright

Wow, Monica…that’s amazing. Your julz will look beautiful with all the lovely, rich colours of their clothing!

Yvonne Whyte

That is a wonderful story Monica! So heartwarming for you to know that your stunning julz will now be enjoyed by these lovely and deserving women so far away. A little beacon of hope and happiness …. one jewel at a time! Thanks for sharing 😀

Linda Matthews

Congrats Monica!
Nice to know that there can be some sort of normal in the lives of these beautiful women. Who better than you to bring some glam to such a far off place. Keep creating and spreading cheer.

Fatima taqi

Hello ! It’s me!
We also have Internet issues so jus got it working! If u guys visit u will b VRY GRATEFUL for the lives u lead in Canada!:)
Hoping that GLAMJULZ will do really well!

Sold the 1st piece on the 1 st day that the stock was shown:)
Will b visiting the store soon to c the progress !
For all of u out there HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!


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