glamjulz shoot with Terra @ Home

Another one of those super fun days where I’m so HAPPY to do what I do!

Lesley Stewart asked me to come in to the Terra@Home studio to talk about bridal jewelry and trends for fall, and they spoiled me. Jenna did my make up (and is she ever good at what she does!) and us girls had a great time talking about makeup, work, life and the beautiful day.

Then it was over to thestudio…

Lesley has a real magic about her, I felt instantly relaxed and forgot all about the cameras. There is nothing better than being interviewed by someone that really knows your business and asks all the right questions. She covered all the bases!

If you’ve never watched Terra@Home, The show also airs Saturday Morning’s at 5am (So set the PVR it if you’re still snoozing) and you can also watch it online and get great tips on all things for life and fashion!

Thanks to Lesley and EVERYONE at Terra for making me feel like a superstar!

*The segment was pre-taped and will be airing in September.. We’ll keep you posted*

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