Green & Grey


Have you been spending time in nature these days?

Any time I have available to be outside I’ll take it.  I don’t care if it’s plus or minus 40.  I’ve always felt like the outdoors were calling my name.

I still have a couple of weekends to enjoy the family cottage before my hubby and I close it up for the season.  During our visits at this time of year I love to venture into the forest behind our house.  If I get up early enough for one of these walks I am guided in by an acre of mist rolling across the field leading me to the forest.

The bugs are gone and the leaves are on the ground.  All I see is the beautiful Canadian Shield peeking out from the ground and moss growing over top in every shade of green imaginable.  From lime to a green so rich it’s almost black.  Oooooh and I LOVE the bare trees, especially when they are soaked from rain and a little frosty.  Everything is picture perfect, like an oil painting.

Since I was a kid these walks in my very own enchanted forest have given me a feeling of magic and mystery.   I imagine there are fairies, princes and princesses, castles and little animals that can communicate with me.  I suppose growing up with Grimm’s Fairy Tales and books like The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe continues to have an influence over me.  I just love when my imagination takes control over my mind.

The green and grey colour combination that you see in our fall collection is completely inspired by this allure.

I hope that when you chose to wear this colour combination you will feel a temporary escape from the “real” world.  I want these colours to take you away to your own enchanting place, somewhere where you can create something NEW in your life to propel you even closer to your dreams.

Dreams are more important than reality.  They are the gift that gives you the reality you desire.

Monica XO




I too love the fairy tales! My favourites are the ones in which the princess always gets her prince. This was such a treat to read as it brought back so many great childhood memories for me too! XO


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