Happy Birthday Dawn!

Today Dawn will be enjoying a well deserved day off (nobody works on their birthday at glamjulz) and maybe basking in some sunshine on a patio enjoying this oddly warm March weather!

Dawn is the greatest.

Wayne and I are so lucky to have her in our professional and personal lives! She’s been in my life for more than *cough, cough, ahem* years and an integral part of glamjulz since 2000. The “Right Hand” of glamjulz is sometimes an overwhelming position, but Dawn’s talents, artistry and mind reading abilities make her perfect for the role!

Every season we decide on the colours for the season and then Dawn creates combinations of those colours which are always beautiful and amazing.  This girl can make turquoise, orange, pink, green and even blue all look harmonious and lovely in one necklace. I can describe an idea or a vision to her, she looks at me and says “Gotcha!” and she always gets it right! She makes sure all of our orders are completed on time, co-ordinates the work load for our other employees, controls all the inventory and she always puts Wayne and I first. (… and also puts Wayne in his place!)

Talk about amazing, Dawn is more than just a right hand woman. She’s a best friend, honest, selfless… “Ya Know, there she be. The salt o’ the earth boyo!”.

Thank you Dawn for all you do


Barbara Crowder

It’s a pleasure to add my best wishes to Dawn for a very Happy Birthday! How well I remember you two together as kids. Both so cute…(some things don’t change.)



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