I AM a Badass!

I think that no matter what age we are, we can always improve and learn how to make a better life for ourselves.  It’s just plain old human evolution.  We never want to get stuck or in a rut and end up bitter, resentful or defeated.  We are here on planet earth to flourish, to love and be loved.  We should know that with an inherent belief in ourselves we can accomplish just about anything another human could.

Last Christmas Wayne got me a book I’d never heard of, titled, “You are a BADASS” by Jen Sincero.  I was excited to receive it and then, like so many of my books, it ended up collecting dust instead of getting read.  Last month my friend Crystal from Bloomiss asked me if I had read it, then I noticed other women talking about it and thought to myself, yup, getting the message, time to read this book!

Isn’t it cool how sometimes you read a book just when you need it most?  If I rewind to a month ago I was feeling resentful and defeated and most definitely in a rut.  The winter had been never ending and I felt like my mojo was depleted.  Fresh ideas were not coming, I found myself wanting to make changes but I was sabotaging myself all over the place.  Here is a little peek into the conversations that were going on in my brain.

Let’s get up early and go to the gym tomorrowaah, what’s the point? You’ll just quit eventually like you always do.

I think if I ate a salad every day I would feel more energized – forget it, those salt and vinegar chips are what is going to make you feel better right now.

I need to make a plan to meet with one entrepreneur a week whom I admireoh God, what are you going to say? Why would they want to talk to you anyway?

. . . and for the final kick in the pants

I am going to take my business to the next level and start branding myself more.  I want to do Public Speaking gigs and help all kinds of people with my life experiences and my passion projects that give back to my communityYeah right, you haven’t done that much.  Are you out of your mind? Now you’re just being a show off!

As I dove into this book I quickly realized that I was a Badass.  The other Ass that was in my head was not really me  but this nuisance of a pest we all have called the ego.

Last weekend we moved a kitchen up to our family cottage and I was voted to drive the U-Haul.  Yup, that’s right.  I felt like a Truck Driving Goddess.  I had young men half my age honking and waving at me on the 400.  I was in all my glory as I drove it, backed it up, gassed it up and cranked the crappy stereo inside.  When Heart came on and sang “kick out your motor and drive while you’re still alive, kick it out!” I felt a rush.  I made a decision in that moment that I would no longer doubt my greatness.  While I am still alive I am going to be living my very own awesome life!

My vision board is made, my goals are written and I have committed to daily positive visualization.  When the ego speaks I  firmly tell her to SHUT the F@%# UP and I go back to letting my imagination be my powerful guide to the life I am truly meant to live!

Monica XO

Please check out our Motivation Collection and be proud as you wear these julz!  You are a Badass who can handle anything!  I know you can!






Oh my goodness! You are a Badass Girl! This is an amazing reminder for everyone out there as well! We are all Baddass’ we just have to get out of our own head sometimes!

Monica Graves

We sure do my friend and it’s normal to get the blues sometimes but we must raise ourselves and each other UP UP UP!!!


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