I’m Ready, September!!!

September is here!!! This may very well be my favourite month.  To me this month is more meaningful than January!  I feel this sense of renewal and I get really excited about making positive changes.

Last week I was at Shoppers Drug Mart and this beautiful blonde woman with two sweet little boys looked at me and said, “Hey, glamjulz!” “Hi!” I said.  This angel of a person then said: “You don’t know me” and proceeded to tell me how she follows glamjulz on Facebook and Instagram and reads all my blogs.  She loves our company and what we stand for and she’s really impressed with everything we do for the community!

I left Shoppers that morning skipping to my car!  What a wonderful thing for her to say, she could have just smiled my way and said nothing, instead she really made my day!

The summer can be a little treacherous sometimes when you have your own biz!  Especially here in Ontario, people vacate their homes and retreat to their family cottages, including me! Ha ha!  It’s pretty well  impossible to motivate people to make decisions, book events, etc… Sometimes putting things out on Social Media feels like, “Hmmmmm…should I bother, is anyone even paying attention?”

I am here to tell you “YES they are!”  Whatever you do in your life it IS important.  People need you.  Never let the summer’s sound of crickets chirping get you down.  Summer is a time to plan, not panic!

Now that September is here I am going to work that way of thinking into the summer of 2019!  I plan on jumping off the dock 50 times more than I did this year! Ha ha!

This month, get out there, meet new people, do the things you have been procrastinating about!  Eat better, drink less, exercise every day for at least 20 minutes!  Let those endorphins flow and be THE BOSS OF YOU Incorporated!!!

Are we doing this together or what?

I’m waiting for you!

Monica XO

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