Is it okay to need a little help from your friends?


I’m sure you may have read by now how passionate I am about helping Dress for Success Toronto through the sales of our 2016 Mother’s Day Bracelets.

Well there is a reason for that and here it is…

How many of you have felt like you are soaring ahead in life? Trying your best to be the most amazing person you can be at what you do and then you look in your wallet and you’re not sure how you will cover groceries, the mortgage and the hydro bill?

Then you look in your wardrobe and think….. yikes! How am I going to make that purple dress look new again because there’s no extra dollars to update the wardrobe this season!

I think many of us have been here.  I know that I have.

The mission of Dress For Success is “to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.”

How incredible is that? These people really care and want all women to have an equal chance at creating their most ideal and successful life.

I think it’s important for you to know that since I left an 18 year corporate job my financial situation changed drastically.  The days of dropping $1000 a season on a new wardrobe were over.  All my pennies went back into the business.

I was okay with that but my ego was a little crushed.

I wanted everyone to see me as professional, successful and well put together but I had to recycle older clothes and try to feel good in them.  Truth be told I just didn’t.

You know, I’ve never been a girl that had to have the latest designer clothing, I grew up on visits to the IODE with my Mom where a wardrobe of gently used clothing made me very happy.

I shared clothes with my friends in high school and when I back packed through Europe in my early 20’s my best friend Sally and I did clothes swapping with other back packers to keep things fresh and new.

Now that I’m in my 40’s most of my dollars are re-invested into my life’s passion that is of course glamjulz!

I’ve had two wonderful people generously help me with the wardrobe issue.

My dear friend Catherine – every few months when this girl cleans out her closet she thinks of me and gives me gorgeous pieces of clothing that she no longer wears…sometimes it feels like she shops just for me.

The very talented Canadian clothing designer Brenda Beddome decks me out in her threads and in exchange I promote her and do everything I can to get her some new biz as I visit stores across the country modeling her beautiful pieces.

Yes, these are two very special angels in my life.  Friends that believe in me and want to see me succeed.

When I wear Catherine’s hand me downs or Brenda’s creations I feel like a star!

It’s quite amazing to me how these clothes make me feel.  It’s like there is a magical fairy dust on this clothing that gives me the fabulous energy of my two dear friends.  As I leave the door each morning I feel gorgeous and unstoppable!

That’s the feeling I want to give every woman that walks into the doors of Dress for Success Toronto.  With each Mother’s Day bracelet that I sell I donate a piece of jewelry to Dress for Success Toronto so that these women can show the world their sparkle.

Sometimes we all just need a little help from our friends!

Monica XO



Barbara Crowder

Amen Moni~! Thanks for sharing.

I met with my dear cousin Jeanne from Montreal last Saturday, and much to my (pleasant) surprise, she brought me a beautiful soft yellow cashmere & wool jacket! She has a wealthy friend who shops as if it’s a job…and every few months shares lovely clothes with Jeanne. So, with me in mind, she brought along this lovely piece of clothing as she thought it would be a perfect fit (True!). I felt blessed.

Have a great week,
Hugs, Barbara


Barbara I love this story… thank you for sharing!
I watched you, a single Mom with 3 kids and a high profile job. The stories of how you built your wardrobe over those challenging years has always impressed me.

You’re a true wonder woman! Xo


Thank you for sharing your story, Monica. It really highlights how women can really support one another with simple acts of kindness.


Reading the stories by Monica, and the blog responses, is helping rebuild my faith in humanity. It seems the world has gone so far sideways in so many ways. It is with people like Monica, Barbara and Margaret (above), along with some other angels that I know and support, that we women are going to make our mark. Not a mark in the newspaper or on a billboard, or winning some (albeit lovely) humanitarian award….but something even better! Knowing that we have given the gift of love, some caring and compassion, paying it forward with random acts of kindness. No need for accolades or even acknowledgment. Just knowing that we made someone’s day, made a woman feel like a million bucks today. Maybe we helped a woman go to her job interview confident in her abilities with her new sweater from a friend, or her new GlamJulz necklace. It truly is the little things that count, as they say. But don’t forget, that “little” acts of kindness from us are huge acts of kindness for the recipient. Keep up the amazing work ladies!!

Brenda Beddome

That was so beautifully written Monica! It warmed my heart and added joy to my day!
I’m going to purchase a bracelet for my Mom for Mother’s Day.

monica graves

Brenda! That makes me feel really GREAT! Just as great as your amazing pants that make my butt look so good!! Ha ha!! The whole world needs those pants!

Thank you for knowing how to design clothes so that all women can love their bodies!….by the way…I hope everyone reading this blog checks you out!

You are amazing! XO


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