It’s Time to Celebrate being a Woman!

Somehow we just get it done, don’t we?

Is it because we are women?  It very well could be.  My husband is obsessed with buying me every Wonder Woman toy on the market.  He associates me with this powerful character and adores the woman I am.   I feel very fortunate to be with a man who sees strength not only in me but in the women in our lives.

This year I designed my Spring Collection feeling inspired by what it means to be a woman.

We are living in a time where women are speaking up more and more about all kinds of different issues.  The pendulum is swinging from one extreme to another.  Many of us could see that this weekend as we watched the courageous young women speak at the March for Our Lives Event in Washington DC.  I had to ask myself this year, what being a woman means to me?

I recognized that there were so many facets of a woman’s personality that should be celebrated.  Strength, vulnerability, compassion, confidence, nurturing, femininity, motivation and endurance.

All of these characteristics make us who we are.  We should feel proud, proud to be women.

We celebrated the unveiling of our Spring Collection with all of our VIP’s on Friday night.

Women were laughing, networking, supporting one another, letting themselves go and being real rock stars in our photo booth!  The playfulness was magical and the whole studio glowed.  I felt this amazing energy and support, it was indescribable, really.

The stories I told about being a woman really resonated with our guests and so many of them opened up and shared their own personal experiences.

I could not be more proud of this collection.  In the coming weeks you will read about each inspiration on social media. I would love for you to participate in the on-line conversation and hopefully find julz that speak to you.

In December I felt the inspiration, in January I sourced and selected the perfect beads, in February I developed a marketing strategy and directed a photo shoot and in March I unveiled my collection at our VIP night and on-line.  Next week the collection will travel to the One of A Kind Show in Toronto from March 28th until April 1st.

I gotta tell ya, I kind of am feeling like Wonder Woman right about now!

Monica XO

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