Motherly Love comes from Within

A Mother’s Love is strong, never ending, and unconditional.

For many of us it is the deepest love we have ever felt.  Our Mom is the one who brought us into the world and guided us along the way as we fumbled.

My relationship with my Mom is a friendship and bond that has grown and changed over the years.

You won’t believe this one, but I came into the world as a timid little thing.  My Mom often tells me, “Moni, you were born scared.”  Yup, that was me.  I was the kid who did not want to go into the basement to play with the other kids, I would rather sit on my Mom’s lap where it was safe and listen to the adults talk.

My Mom was considerate of my sensitivities and the love I could draw on was without bounds or limits.  This kind of love gave me confidence and helped me to come out from behind my Mom’s skirt and step into the world.  As I grew up, I became outgoing, the kid with tons of great friends and a girl with big dreams.

Growing up, I was far from perfect but my parents and my Oma gave my brother and me so much love.  All three of them were strict too, mind you, no one took crap but that was good!

In high school and my early 20’s I had my Oma to talk to about boys and dating and she always reminded me of how special I was and that I deserved only the best.  The stories of her and my Opa were like little fairy tales to me and I wanted the same devotion and friendship with my future husband as she had with my Opa.

Now as a 47 year old woman I still draw on that love.  My Mom believes in me and everything I do.  She believes I can accomplish anything.  When I feel sorry for myself she snaps me out of it.  When I feel like giving up she reminds me of all the good that I’ve done to get this far.  When I have reason to celebrate she celebrates with me and keeps reminding me of my accomplishments, especially during the times where I may have forgotten.

That is a quick synopsis of the motherly love that is available to me every day and passed down through the generations.

This is not everyone’s story.  Some of you, like me, are Moms to a fur baby.  Some of you are missing your Mom’s today and some of you may have an estranged relationship with your Mom.

I just want you to know that I’m holding you close in my heart today.  Life is full of ups, downs and unexpected circumstances beyond our control.

What we can control is our feminine power and the love that we give to others.  As Mother Teresa said, “Do small things with great love”

Be a glorious Mother figure to yourself, your friends, your family and your animals.

Have patience, be kind and believe.  Dreams can come true, all you need is love.

Monica XO

PS I would love to hear about the motherly love that you give and/or receive.  Your story is important too.  Please share below in the comments.




You are truly an inspirational individual and beautiful lady and friend Monica!
We all have or had a mum. I’m truly blessed to have my mum, even if she’s lives in Edmonton. She’s always been here for our entire family through the good times and not so good of times in our lives. She gives more than she receives, always there for everyone! My mum is my friend, sister and best mum ever!
I’m not a human mum, but had the honor of being fur mum. We never “owned” our own dog, always had family dogs. No pets are not kids, but if you don’t have kids, these beautiful creatures become your family, your “child” or “children”.
Ronin (aka: the dude) came into our lives 10.5 years ago. Ronin was a handsome and beautiful Doberman (a breed neither of us had ever owned before). We did the potty training, went through the crewing stage, did basic training, went for our walks, all the things you would do with a dog. Ronin was always by our sides, typical Doberman…loyal, dedicated, loving, goofy, protective, wanting to please and work, regal and as handsome as a Doberman could come. He was our boy!
Around the age of 7.5 the dude started having issues with other dogs. We were concerned about this and were encouraged by our friends to seek training/guidance from a specific training in the area. Yes, Ronin needed boot camp but it was mum that needed it more! I learned how to control my dog, have more confidence in myself and my dog and most of all belief and trust in my dog! Once I understood the basics, we were rock’n and roll’n from there.
We completed all the levels of obedience training, basic Search and Rescue, got our first Rally Obedience title (RO1), the dude even had a cameo appearance in at TV series and we became members of the BRB K9 Darn Good Dogs. I was so proud of Ronin!
As in the human family, your life can change in a heart beat! Well ours did April 30, 2016. Our boy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the rear left leg. Our lives changed!!! The stars and moons were in the dude’s favor, we amputated the leg and persevered. Ronin was now a tripawd.
We continued to performed with the Darn Good Dogs until November 2016. Ronin showed me anything is possible and inspired many other canine owners. After a courageous journey, on January 23, 2017 the dude crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
I have to say, as a canine mum, there are no words to describe the pain you feel when you loose your fur baby. In time the pain heals and their beautiful and unconditional love remains in your heart.
I’m so glad I had the pleasure share my love and to be a mum to this special boy…Ronin taught me to believe, have faith and to trust!
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there! Thank you for all your love and caring all year round! xoxo

Monica Graves

Carolyne, thank you so much for sharing this heartfelt story. You are a beautiful person. I’m so happy that Ronin git to visit the glamjulz studio so we could get some of that Doberman lovin’too. He lives in your heart forever and he taught you so much. Give my love to your Mum and I know that your angel Ronin will lead you right to your second fur baby when the stars are all lined up and the time is just right. XO


I’ve been so lucky. I had an army of mom’s. I was the first born, not only in my family -but out of all my mom’s friends as well. In fact, I only had 30 guests at my wedding but it was filled with my mom’s friends because they’ve been so important in my life. I also was blessed to have a very close relationship with my aunt and grandma. I call my grandma mom 2 and my aunt mom 3.
I always have a slew of Mother’s Day cards because there are so many women that my own mom brought into my life. It’s one of the best gifts she gave me-love. Even when she couldn’t be there personally, she made sure I had love. I’m not sure if she even realizes she did that for me.

Monica Graves

Sarah! What a beautiful tribute to your amazing Mom and all of the strong women she brought into your life! XO


This is a beautiful post! So happy to see more and more people showing their love for their fur babies.
I’ve always had a dog in the family, but never one of my own. Two years ago I made the decision to take on the responsibility of caring for another being. I’d like to say that I found Charlie, but as corny as it is, he found me.
It was an instantaneous love, and our connection was undeniable. He’s been there for some pretty important events in my life and has helped me get through the tough ones. I can’t imagine what it would be like without him.
As wonderful as it is to get a puppy from a breeder, I can honestly say adopting a dog in need is so fulfilling.
To all the dog moms (and human moms!) I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and squeeze your babies tight. xoxoxo

Monica Graves

I adore your story about Charlie and your Charlie’s instagram page. You have captured fur baby love and I love you both for that! Xo

Alison R. Macdonald

I just wrote a quick posting on facebook and am going to elaborate & ensure it is far more eloquent on you blog, Monica, than my facebook feed! 😉 Here goes!

While none of us could ever be prepared for our babies announcing Mother’s Day sentiments to the world from a device they hold in their hand, I’m f’ing proud of my son for doing so. Today, my grade five 11-year-old posted a simple yet heartfelt statement on Instagram. He isn’t allowed to have Facebook yet but a safe secure Instagram account is fine, I HOPE! That’s the thing about being a mother in 2017 – everything is online for us to see, access, review, and breathe in. Is it any wonder that we are all so overwhelmed on a daily basis? I know that I am and get rather tired of seeing everyone else trying to act like they’re holding their shit together when I KNOW they most certainly aren’t! I try to be real, honest, humble, and reflective in my co-parenting of my son and my husband’s son & daugther. Being a mother is complicated especially in blended homes and so many people often forget about those dynamics. I’m here to remind everybody that ANY kind of MAMA should and shall be celebrated by ME on this day. Fur, biological, step-parent, adoptive, foster, grandparent & any other person who steps in to MOTHER any person – be it a child or grown adult. I celebrate, salute & send joyful wishes to each and every one of you. Now…back to me….
I’ve often lamented that it cannot be easy being the son or mom of me. I’m brash, honest to a fault, fussy, usually stressed and going 90 while doing 17 things at a time. I’m also a lawyer and, let’s face it, ANYONE who is a lawyer is an asshole at some level. That doesn’t’ mean “bad” – but I”m definitely an asshole and very proud of it. But Brett and Marion Macdonald love me for who I am and appreciate what I’m not. They are both there to say they love ME and apologize when they’re wrong. I apologize right back or first whenever I mess up too! It is essential to be taught accountability which I’ve begrudgingly dealt with from birth and have tried to install in Brett since he was born as well. There is NO possibility for success where one only points fingers at everyone else. You must take responsibility for your own actions, choices, life, words and experience & accept those consequences otherwise you will never ever grow up. Believe me, kind readers of Monica’s blog, it absolutely is a fantastic thing to be competent, accepting & insightful when you DO know what it means to apologize, suck it up, stand up, and move through any consequence or difficulty. I’m trying my very best to raise Brett to BE A MAN. My parents raised ME to be a woman. They didn’t try to keep me a child. Truthfully, though, it takes a long time to learn that the people who truly love you & whom you love in return will always be there. Oh – they’ll call you on your bullshit and rightfully so! But I”m thankful for having those kinds of relationships in my life because it allows me to live FREE. That’s all i ever want for my son – grow up and live free to be yourself but knowing there will always be mistakes made & a time to apologize or be held accountable is NEVER a bad thing.

My mother’s day sentiment is complete. 😉 Feels good to make my own mini statement today. Thanks, Monica! xoxoxo to you, your fur baby & your mama! I’m so glad you came out from behind her SKIRT and into the sunlight. Keep shining!

Monica Graves


Oh my goodness!!! I love you for everything you so eloquently and thoughtfully wrote here. I know your life is moving a mile a minute right now and I am so honoured that you would take the time to make this kick ass comment! You ROCK sister!!! Xoxoxo

Lisa Olson

I entered the world the summer of ’70 and my young mother’s world was changed forever:) She was barely a grownup herself at 22yrs old & here she had the task of raising this little “creation” of hers into a woman. She sure had her work cut out for her! I was broody, surprisingly willful, severely shy (to the point that my teachers informed her that I was autistic) & rather an “odd ball”. She was a driven perfectionist with a logical, scientific way of thinking & also ‘ stubborn as heck! For years we teetered on our see-saw of “irresistible object-meets the immovable force” as we stumbled our way through the mother-daughter bond…both of us growing along the way. There were many….many.. “disagreements” along the way but through it all there was a heck of a lot of raucous laughter and love … a lot of love <3. I know that my mother made endless massive sacrifices to provide the best life and opportunities possible for me & my little brother (who was a delightful angel of a child…not difficult at all..of course:) She always went out of her way to remember small things…to make special occasions memorable…not just for us, but for the entire extended family. She worked so hard…she succeeded professionally in a "Man's World" at the very highest levels, yet she is the embodiment of femininity and feminine power. I have such admiration for her, she has raised me to be a strong, independent, self sufficient woman with a definite understanding of my own power and capabilities. She has nurtured me & taught me to care and have empathy for others and the importance of sacrifice and honouring/supporting family. She's dynamic as heck & has brought so much fun and so many wonderful memories to our lives….she wasn't an easy mumsy…but I would NEVER have changed her up for a different mum had I been given the option….I thank The Powers That BE every day for my perfect "Mumsy!" I<3

Monica Graves

Lisa! This is absolutely beautiful! You aNd Mumsy have a special place in my heart! Thank you for believing in me and supporting my dreams! Our chats and visits are always treasured XO


I wouldn’t be who I am today without this beautiful woman in my life….

So on Mother’s Day I have to give credit where credit is due. Thank you so very much Grandma Kyle for loving me unconditionally, for believing in me, for being my moral compass and for being the person who shaped who I am today! I thank God for you everyday, what a blessing and a gift you were and still are. Happy Mother’s Day! You may be gone but are never forgotten and I still love and cherish you everyday. ❤️ xo

Today I celebrate you Grandma, I celebrate all of the strong, beautiful, loving and empathetic women in my life who inspire and encourage me and others daily.
I celebrate myself and my own personal growth while being the best mom I can be to my two fur babies who mean the world to me.

Monica Graves

Julie! Thank you for sharing this beautiful sentiment about your Grandmother. When you talk about her I feel like I knew her. She lives through you forever! Big kisses to the fur babies! XO


I like you share the love of an amazing mom!! My mom is my biggest fan and my best friend. Each one of my days starts with her wisdom and ends with her love. Growing up I never had a moment I didn’t feel that she wasn’t standing beside me. Over the years I grew to accept that I wouldn’t have kids of my own and stepped in as super aunt to my beautiful nieces!! I also had my beloved fur babies Prince my golden and Cinderella my tabby cat. Life was good!! Then early into my 40’s my desire to have a baby grew deep and my miracle baby was born! I can tell you the moment I looked into her eyes I felt complete bliss. After 19 years my dear boy Prince crossed the rainbow bridge and never met his human baby sister … Cinderella passed at 23 but did get to rub noses with Tatijana. She now has her big fur brother Norwood and Owen and I can tell you that loving and being loved is what matters most! Yes being a mom is amazing but that love can come in so many shapes and that’s what really makes this thing called life so special ! XO

Monica Graves

Oh Natasha… my heart is melting! You are such a dynamic Mama… keep shining your beautiful light and making everyone around you feel warm and fuzzy!

Tammy Angelis

Monica, I lost a part of me when my mom died in July of 2015..through your incredible bracelet design I was able to feel like I have with me every time I wear it. Those who wear her bracelet carry on my mothers memory. I can’t thank you enough for capturing her spirit. She was an incredible woman… and I miss her more than I ever could’ve realized.

Monica Graves

Tammy!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. What an honour it was to create a sparkly piece in memory of your amazing Mom! I wish I had known her, but through you I feel like I did!


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