Multi – Inspired by George Michael

Oh yes, I am totally pumped about introducing my first colour combination for Spring 2017!!

Every season I think, hasn’t every variation of the multi colour combination been done?  It’s been 16 years of glamjulz!  Every season I proudly prove myself WRONG!

Speaking of proud, this colour combination is inspired by just that, pride!  Pride in who we are, not only as individuals but as a society.

George Michael was the inspiration for this colour palette.

Losing George Michael on Christmas day was heartbreaking.  George was one of the highlights of my teen years and my early 20’s.  Of course, I never knew George personally but I always felt something.  I could feel his sadness, his struggle with the chubby little boy inside and coming to terms with his sexuality, losing his first true love to aids, and the death of his mother when she was only 60 years old.

A mountain of challenges all piled on to one person.

Despite his internal suffering George had a way of injecting happiness into the lives of others.

He was grateful and loving towards his fans.  He had such a polite demeanor. He was able to relate to all people.  The music he created with Andrew Ridgeley when they were Wham and his solo work is magical.  Whenever I play that music, I am taken to a place where I can escape from whatever is troubling me.  I feel like I want to throw a party, run away to the beach, or create something new and exciting in my life.

This colour combination was created for you to burst out of your day to day self and re-invent yourself.

Join a new group, travel somewhere you have never been, commit to projecting your happiness outwards for everyone to enjoy!

I know that when George Michael entered a room he lit that room up and left people better than the way he found them.

I think this is a valuable lesson for all of us.  We have the power to smile at someone, give them a hug, tell them a funny story, be happy and encouraging in their presence.  These are the gifts that give back to humanity.  Do this for someone else and it becomes contagious.

When I release this colour combination (coming soon!) wear it with PRIDE and remember that YOU have the power to change a person’s day!

Be the magic.

Monica XO

*Please leave a comment, I’d love to know what your sweet memories of George Michael are and/or how you put a smile on someone’s face and changed their day*



So beautiful!! I’m still mourning the loss of my beloved George. I find myself listening to his music and crying out loud. This blog has inspired me to celebrate him now more than ever!! No more mourning!! He wouldn’t have wanted to see me crying … he would have wanted to see me dancing, laughing and celebrating all that life has to offer! I can’t wait to get this collection and more than ever I can’t wait to rock it out with you Monica … listening to George ❤ XO

Monica Graves

Natasha! You have that same magic! You are committed to happiness and giving your best to others! A magnet, just like George!

Remember these wise words:

“Club Tropicana, drinks are free. Fun and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone. All that’s missing is the sea, but don’t worry, you can suntan! Castaways and lovers meet, then kiss in Tropicana’s heat, watch the waves break on the bay. Soft white sands, a blue lagoon, cocktail time, a summer’s tune, a whole night’s holiday!”

Our opportunity to be happy is endless <3


When I think of George right now, I instantly hear:
Heartbeat, heartbeat,
Why do you fail me now?

I think we need one of our infamous Wham! dance-offs next time I visit….. I can see Miss Boink rolling her eyes already.

Monica Graves

Gillian! We sure do! Thank you for lighting up our studio with your visits. George is always blasting when you are around and we will keep that tradition going. His heart may have failed him but his spirit lives on!

Boink can’t wait to have the first dance with you! <3


Picture it: a group of (slightly) drunken pals in a cabin in Algonquin Park doing our best Naomi, Cindy, Linda, Tatjana and Christy impressions while singing along to “Freedom” so loudly we must have scared the bears away for miles around! When I heard of his death I put the song on again and strutted around my living room. My dog, Peaches, howled along for good measure.
Another big musical part of my misspent youth lost last year. He gave a lot of himself to his music and charitable work. Thanks Monica for doing the same and reminding us we “gotta have faith”.

Monica Graves

Llana! Wow! What a memory! I can picture it so clearly…I wish I knew you then. I know you would have made room for one more super-model! Thank you for sharing this amazing story and for supporting glamjulz!! XO


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