New glam girls in Bruce Mines

Last week I headed out with my favourite traveling buddy, my Mom, and went to see all of my Northern Ontario customers!  Along the way Mom and I stayed in a little town outside of Sault Ste Marie called Bruce Mines.  We stayed at the Bavarian Inn, a quaint little motel right in the heart of town with beautiful Lake Huron right behind it! By the way, Mom and I attempted to take a dip while were were there and YOWZAH!! That water is colder than Lake Ontario on New Years day!  We saw our toes go from pink to blue and opted not to swim!

That night Mom and I had a lovely dinner at the Bavarian Inn, Mom had the Whitefish and I had a T-Bone Steak.  The service was fantastic and the food was mouthwatering!  This is a picture of the two women that made our evening so wonderful.  Chef on the left, waitress on the right!  I gave them each a little pearl floater for making our evening so special and they were both so grateful and appreciative.

I often think about random acts of kindness and how important it is to make people feel great.  Especially when those people go out of their way to make you feel important and well taken care of.  It could be anyone, the teller at the bank, the checkout girl at the grocery store, the girl that does your nails.  Whoever it is I think it’s important to let them know that they’ve made a difference.  How many times to you get a card in the mail? How GREAT does it make you feel if someone sends you a little thank you note?  Acknowledgment of the good in people is something I think we need more of in this world.  Not everyone has a supportive family to go home to, a loving partner or a caring friend.  These little acknowledgments can really change a person’s perception of their world.

Next time you are at a card store, just pick up a bunch of beautiful blank cards and start sending them, through the mail, to people that have a made a difference in your day.  You’ll feel WONDERFUL and so will they!







Karin Normann

What a great blog entry! You are such a good writer! You should have a “Chicken Soup for the Soul” column somewhere! xox Mom


The world needs more of you Monica..keep up the good work!!Thanks for sharing with us. See you in November.

Janet Cockburn

You are one in a million. You make everyone feel good when they have been with you even for one minute. Don’t change. Carry on blogging! hmm could be a film title!


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