October Is So Much More Than Pink


Yesterday I changed our glamjulz facebook header and profile pic to pink!  I wrote on my personal page about someone who showed an act of kindness towards me with a little pink angel. I also sent out a special message to our email subscribers about our “3 Little Wishes” julz for 2016.

In other years October came and went and I never related it to the colour pink or Breast Cancer awareness.

For me October was about cozy fires, watching the leaves change colour and thinking about all of the things that I was thankful for.

Years went by and then – reality hit . . .

I started losing people whom I loved to cancer.  No matter how the death of a loved one comes about it is always painful.  Whether that person lived to be 25 or 105 it hurts deeply and it changes our lives.  We lose a piece of ourselves when someone we love is no longer there to share our life with.

Life has no guarantees and we are here to be the best we can be, while we are here.  I have felt pain, anger, resentment about losing people around me whom I love.  I sometimes ask myself, what are all of these emotions?  Where did the old Monica go? What happened to that charmed life I once had?

For some reason, last week those words “charmed life” kept coming into my head.  Like a huge slap in the face. I realized that part of my own healing was to be grateful for where I had come from.  The family I was born into, the friendships I had chosen and the memories that I cherish.

I haven’t lost anything – I have everything.  I have it all because I had it all.

For the month of October and into the holiday season you will see me engaging in lots of fundraising activities with glamjulz.  I do this because I feel it is the responsibility of every small business owner to do what they can for the community that they live in.

There is also a bigger reason that I do it.  So many of the people whom we help don’t know what a charmed life even looks like.  They need people like you and I to show them that we believe in them.  We believe they can get better.  We want them to see hope through our eyes when they can’t see it through their own.

This month is definitely about bringing awareness to Breast Cancer but I think it’s also a month about being thankful.  I encourage you to thank those who have been extra kind to you, reach out to people who need some kindness in their lives and show your support in any way that you can.  A smile that comes from the heart can change a person’s universe.  Believe me, I know.

Monica XO



I feel exactly as you: I consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world even though I have lost close family members to cancer. Like you, I am so grateful to have had these people in my life. And, like you, I honour the gift of them and my happy life by continuing to live with purpose, gratitude, and kindness.

Thank you for sharing your generous spirit.


Monica Graves

Margaret, thank you so much for your lovely comment. It means a lot to me <3


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