Proud to be Canadian, eh?

What a strange world it would have been growing up if my friends hadn’t come from all over the Globe.  I never would have known how delicious tea with milk and clotted cream was, or learned how to dance to Raggae music, or what it meant to be born in the year of the Rooster.

I’ve always loved the diversity.  Most of my friends were born here but their parents were immigrants.  Even though we came from different places it’s funny how our upbringings were so similar.

One of my all time favourite Canadian TV shows is SCTV.  It really embodies how hysterical it actually is to be Canadian.  The characters mocked so many familiar “Canadian” life situations.  The Hosers were, of course, the stars of the show and they brought to form the stereotypical Canadian.

I’m very proud of my team at glamjulz! Dawn laughs at everything and loves to dream, Natasha is positive with just the right amount of pessimism and Maggie says it like she sees it with a brain full of knowledge that stumps the three of us on a regular basis!

These are the girls who lift me up and make me want to achieve my goals.  They all come to the business with a different set of ideas and fresh perspective.  I could never be where I am today without a strong, powerful team of smart women with completely different backgrounds.  This is why we sparkle!

How boring would life be if we were all the same?

Yesterday, like many of you I felt proud.  Proud of my country, my family, my friends, my amazing customers who support glamjulz year after year.  You make it possible for us to work and create right here where we live! Do you have any idea how good that makes us feel?  I can’t even begin to explain the depth of gratitude our whole team has.

We live in Canada.  We wake up every morning and we are free!  Free to make a good life for ourselves.   Opportunity and friendly people surround us.  Someone always understands and someone always wants to help.

This is why we live here and this is why we are Canadian.  We all came from other countries once and we learned to get along.  We learned compassion, created friendships, married into other races, cheered when same sex marriage finally became legal and continue to march, support and fight for equality when it comes to any minority.

We are a country that stands by its values, we are not afraid of change and we always create space for a greater even more vibrant Canada.

Yesterday was the big birthday but I think it’s important that we celebrate Canada every day.  As soon as we open our eyes in the morning!

So . . . that’s my topic for today!  So Good Day, eh?

Monica XO



It certainly was one amazing day!! Proud to be a Canadian is an understatement!! I feel so blessed to live in a country where we all have equal rights. Where we get the most amazing health care and compassion. A place that we feel safe and secure by day and at night. I am lucky to have met you along my path Monica. Helping you achieve your goals makes me so happy and I’m glad we are doing it right here in this gorgeous country! XO

Monica Graves

Natasha!!! The weekend with you has been full of laughs! Love that we can both crack up to SCTV together!!! Classic! XO


Hey Monica – Lovely to see you guys in NOTL yesterday. Walking around with Peaches it was great to see the crowds – families from babies to grandparents, pals, couples – everyone wearing or carrying a Canadian flag . You heard all different languages spoken and the picnics (which Peaches was keen to investigate) were a mix of food and yummy spicy smells from other countries as well as KFC.
I heard O Canada sung many times in many keys (and off keys! )
It made me think of my grandparents who came here from hard conditions to freezing winters in the middle of Manitoba to give their children more opportunity. And how lucky all of us offspring are that they chose Canada.
We’re not a perfect country and many rights have been and still are a long time coming. But I’m very proud to celebrate the day and imagine all we will continue to achieve together.

Monica Graves

Llana! I agree 100%. We loved seeing you and finally meeting Peaches. Thank you for all of your love and supporting hand made in Canada! Woooohoooo! XO

Shelley and Marnie

Hi Monica and Natasha! Lovely to finally meet you both at NOTL last weekend on spectacular Canada Day Art Festival. I have had so many comments on my special Canada anklet! We both love our earrings, necklace and bracelet sets!!! Can’t wait to wear them! So happy to tell you about my “vintage” glamjulz necklace and earrings. Lovely black and white 3 strand bought probably 10 years ago at Joelle’s and still as pretty as new! Hope to see you soon at an event! Shelley and Marnie

Monica Graves

Shelley and Marnie!

We LOVED meeting you too! I’m happy that your Canada 150 julz are a big hit!

Thank you for your glamjulz purchases overy the years!

We would love for you to visit our studio one Tuesday. xo


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