Raspberry & Gold


Every season I create eight NEW colour combinations for glamjulz.  These colour combinations come from a place of inspiration, passion and a clear vision.

My suppliers sometimes laugh at me when they show me all the pretty new beads.  The dialogue on my side is always, NO! NO! NO . . . don’t like those, aaaah YES these beads are perfect!  What can I say?  The vision is strong and no one can sway me in a different direction.  This process is non-negotiable.

I suppose this is the magic of creation and being an artist.  When I design, all I do is feel, I know that I am channeling my ideas from a greater place than just my own mind.  I’m in the zone and the end result must translate to the way I see it all come together in my mind.

I experience nothing but pure gratitude as these fresh ideas fall into place.

In my next few blogs I want to share my process with you.  It’s important to me that you know how I came up with these colour combinations. When you wear pieces from my new collection I really want you to feel the good energy that went into creating them.

I wanted to start with the Raspberry and Gold colour combination.  I feel comforted by these colours as they transition me from summer to fall.  Summer is my favourite season, so I need a colour combination to remind me that summer will return and I can be free to wear bright, happy, colours like these in winter too.

When I wear glamjulz in these colours I am reminded of all the things we girls love to indulge in. Pink Champagne, gold foil wrapped chocolates, glittery manicures, and a dreamy girl cave decorated with enchanting pink furniture.

I also see Raspberry and Gold as colours that will have all eyes on YOU at the office holiday party.

Let’s face it, most of us girls like to pull out our reliable LBD for these occasions.  I would LOVE for this colour combination to motivate you to try something different.

I challenge you to wear these julz with a Bordeaux coloured shift dress and sparkly gold shoes with a matching handbag. Remember to apply shocking pink lips and gold eyeshadow. Please don’t be afraid of a little pink in your hair either!

Now, take a look in the mirror! You look mahvelous dahling!

Monica XO


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