Recession = Creativity = Prosperity

It seems like the last few years all we’ve been hearing on the news is how brutal the economy is and how we’re going deeper and deeper in debt as a nation.  Do you believe everything that you hear?  Do these accusations from our media keep you up at night? Or when you hear them do you choose to switch the channel and listen to something more uplifting that will help you approach your day in a positive way?

I think sometimes it is difficult to stay positive, fear is something that we will often allow to seep in.   Fear possesses our minds for a short time or a long time but at some point we need to find a new perspective.

In the fashion business I’ve noticed that colour trends have been somewhat conservative over the last few seasons, lots of grey, lots of navy, black, white and very monochromatic colour palettes featured on all the runways.  My pride in glamjulz is that we really try to keep optimism, joy and hope alive in our jewlery and the mixture of vibrant colours in a necklace can be just the right pick me up for someone that wants to express those feelings.

I’ve seen GREAT success out there with many of the retailers that are carrying glamjulz in their stores.  Despite what the media is saying.  I find that these entrepreneurial store owners all have the same thing in common.  Great service!  They take great pride in the relationships they have with each person that walks through their door and really take care to make sure customers leave the store wearing an outfit that makes them feel fantastic, whether it cost $100 or $1,000!  These women have their perspective in check!  They stand by the dream that started their business and they never waver.  That takes courage and a willingness to create a world which others may think does not exist.

I’ve noticed that some of the most successful people in the world have thrived when economic conditions were not ideal.  I heard a recent interview with Peter Gabriel where he said, “I think the worst thing you can do for any artist is give them complete freedom. If you say to an artist, you can’t do this and you can’t do that and you definitely can’t do this then by nature they are devious and they start thinking of solutions in more creative ways.”  He closed the interview by saying that “limitations are your friends”.

What an interesting perspective.  We do see in society that often it is external limitations that gives us the fire to create!  Here are some really amazing people that are doing just that today.  Take some time to listen and watch these amazing people change their worlds.

Twenty-somethings changing the city of Detroit as we know it.

A man who came to the Yukon to farm for mushrooms and created thousands of jobs when he found gold.

In the meantime enjoy your glamjulz pieces!  Show off your inner vibrancy, layer your lime green necklace with your purple one if that makes you feel good and for goodness sakes if the media is telling you stuff you don’t want to hear change the station and make a change in your life for the better!



Great Service: Just one of the reasons why YOU are so successful in your business!

Thanks for keeping the world colourful and for always offering a cheerful smile and overwhelming optimism. The world needs more Monicas!


yvonne whyte

Hi Monica,
You are so right! My little shop in Wyebridge, Ontario would have been long gone in this recession if I had let all the doom & gloom in the news get to me. Limitation IS my best friend…gets those creative juices flowing! You can turn your day around just by thinking positive thoughts, feeling good, and dressing like you’re alive and happy and moving forward! Perhaps this year I will add Glamjulz to my inventory . . . I love your marketing and positive outlook!


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