Spring Treats

glamjulz_Spring Treats
Cruising through the Ontario snow and sleet, accompanied by my Mom as we giggle and sing along with the Elvis Station on XM Satellite radio, peddling my sparkly wares to the funkiest little shops and stopping in to say hi to friends and family… That’s how I spent the month of January.

Even though it’s freezing cold and a little dreary some days, the hope of Spring flowers blooming and birds singing again is what keeps me smiling. It’s such a pleasure to meet with so many of the beautiful boutiques that carry (and want to carry) glamjulz!

Here’s some insight from what a few of our stores are saying about Spring 2013.

What’s exciting me the most for Spring? Dressing more feminine!!!
Fashion tip: Know your style but be open-minded to adding some creativity into your wardrobe. Also make sure your clothes fit properly, it’s worth paying for alterations to ensure a perfect fit.
Teresa Hendrick – Touch of Class, Napanee, ON

Colour is the most exciting thing for Spring 2013. Women love how colour makes them feel energized and it lifts everyone’s spirits! The number one fashion tip this spring at The Dressing Room is to always complete your look with a little glitz from glamjulz! Monica’s unique and colourful designs really make a statement while making you feel glamorous!
Lori Foster – The Dressing Room, Belleville, ON

Big statement pieces in Jewelry, looks great with a plain top, dressed up or dressed down
Laura Berkhuizen – Chris James, Kingston ON

2013 is going to be fantastic. My fashion tip this year is to be yourself but still step out of your comfort zone. There is no more matchy matchy, which is hard for us older folks, so I say that we need to do the traditional but add a pop of colour. For example, I wear my green jade ‘be happy earrings’ with everything.
Kathy Rodger – HP Boutique, Hawkesbury, ON

In the spring of ’85, my Aunt came to visit us from Germany, and she brought me a banana yellow denim jacket. It was the coolest, especially when I paired it with my white parachute pants… and… er… um… okay, enough of that!

I’ve always had a weakness for fresh ice cream colours (and ice cream) and It’s going to be a fresh and beautiful spring. I would have to say that the thing that excites me the most is – Anything goes! If it looks great and feels great, just wear it. Feeling comfortable means feeling good, and feeling good is just as important as looking good, and when all this falls into place, anything can happen. Feel good about expressing who you are, and the rest… Well, we all know the rest!

Hmmm… maybe I do need those parachute pants again…


What spring trends are you most excited about?
Do you have a great fashion tip to share?



Monica your weakness for fresh ice cream colours is perfectly channeled in this spring’s Pastel Multi palette.

“…reminds me of ice cream” are the exact words I used when bringing the new season’s collection of julz to our Milton store!

Fresh, cool,and beautiful!

Barbara Crowder

Just had to tell you that today I wore the long multi-stones necklace with virtually every colour to cheer up a grey and black ‘small leopard print’ top. When at checkout at a chain store, the cashier explained…’Boy do you ever look beautiful! What a classy necklace that just pulls everything together!’ I gave her your glamjulz address!

One dear savy customer at a time, eh Monica dear?

Hugs, Barbara


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