Stepping Into Our True Selves

Do you ever feel like you know yourself so well that no one could possibly ever tell you something about yourself that you didn’t already know?

Have you ever asked yourself what makes you loveable?  What is the magic that you give to others?  What is it about you that makes people want to be in your company?

These are not easy questions to answer, well not for me anyway.  To be honest, I’ve never even asked myself these questions before.  I navigate my way through life being the best person I can be and when someone says, “Hey Monica, remember when you did that thing for me”, it kind of . . .makes me stop in my tracks and say, oh yeah, I did that, I remember now.

Maybe this is more of a personal struggle I have.  I go back and forth between thinking I serve others in my life, to thinking that I live a selfish life where all I do is sleep, eat and breathe glamjulz.

Negative self talk about the importance of your life and the purpose you have in this world is obviously detrimental to anyone’s mental health.

Life is crazy, we all get busy.  There is this quote going around facebook that says “People who say they are too busy are just not making YOU a priority.”  I would like to officially call BS on that!  I call my friends on a regular basis to tell them how bad I feel because I haven’t seen them in months and some days I can’t keep up.  Sure I’ve made the choice to be self-employed and I do love it, but we don’t always know what comes along with our life choices.  I’m sure almost every entrepreneur wishes for more days with friends and family than we have, but when this is our livelihood the business often comes first.

My point in bringing up the “business” is that overwhelm has a sneaky way of taking over and before we know it, we have not reflected on anything about ourselves and our self-worth.

About a month ago I made a deal with an angel!  A lovely woman named Tahira Bharmal.  The deal was that I would deck her out  in glamjulz for a big public speaking engagement and she would coach me on how to step into my true self.

Tahira’s teaching is about becoming limitless.  She has changed the way I see myself.  I never realized how important it was to sit down and clearly define who I am as a business owner, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt and all of the other roles I play.  I have transformed from walking through life as a “human-doing” and I feel more like a “human-being”.

There is something very powerful about taking the time to honour who we truly are and recognizing what it is that holds us back from stepping into our true selves.  Tahira has guided me through defining several different facets of my life.  What does it mean to be a leader?  What are the accomplishments I am most proud of? What does success mean to me?  Why did I start glamjulz, what does the company stand for?

Answering all of these questions and discussing them openly with her has helped me to release so much angst.  After every session I feel my confidence rising and I also feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction knowing that self-reflection is not egotistical or self-serving.  It is how we truly discover how we can be of service to the world and make a difference.

I’m ready to step into my true self and give the world who I am meant to be!  Care to join me?

Monica XO

At glamjulz we believe in the power a woman has to reach her full potential.  This season we celebrate what it means to be a woman.  Please take the time to enjoy our girl power inspired collection.



I am so ready to join you! First of all YOU are always making a difference! You are helping others by creating pieces to raise money for so many amazing organizations, you employ beautiful women giving them your sparkle everyday, and finally you are a fabulous wife and awesome pet mama!! Add into the mix creating julz that make any woman feel good by wearing them and knowing you. You ARE a leader and you have so many followers … keep on doing what you love and never stop showing the world YOUR sparkle!! XO

Monica Graves

Okay, let me just wipe these tears from my face! Thank you so much Natasha! So happy you are here to sparkle on with me!!! Let’s do this! XO


You are a phenomenal woman!! You are passionate and have such talent!! I have loved working with you. You are open to receive and grow!! You come prepared and ready to make the changes you want to see in yourself and that in itself is so amazing!! Keep shining bright and spreading your sparkle!!


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