Team glamjulz = Family

If I can think of one person who everyone would love to work for, it would be Sir Richard Branson.  He treats his employees well and in turn they treat him and his business well.

Last Friday I returned from being away in Florida for four weeks.  This is an annual trip that I take with my Mom.  We enjoy some holiday time and I spend most of my days there networking, putting on trunk shows and showing my glamjulz collection to beautiful boutiques.

This year I feel extremely proud of Dawn, Natasha and Maggie.  They all used their skills to manage day to day challenges at the studio and keep things running smoothly.  They all went through their lists of accomplishments with me when I returned and all I had to do was return a couple of phone calls.

There are many reasons to start a business and one of my biggest reasons is people.  People need to feel special and wanted.  I’ve always prided myself in the relationships I have with people and dear friends with whom I still keep in touch with after 30+ years, in some cases.

Managing a team of employees is different, completely different and for years I naively thought it was the same thing as maintaining friendships.

What I have come to realize is that I am not the same person in my business as I am in my friendships.  My business is my baby, I protect it, I want it to thrive and sometimes those things make me feel like I need to control every situation and the thought of delegating gives me anxiety.  Do I have trust issues when it comes to my biz? You betcha!

The good news is, now there are so many amazing entrepreneurs to follow.  I love to read their stories about how they struggle with these exact same challenges.    It helps me so much that I am able to “let go” a little more each time I read a story that I can relate to.

I love the way our team at glamjulz interacts and the ways in which we challenge one another to do our best work.  I thank the girls for pushing me and making me see myself in a more influential and positive light.  They’ve all got my back and I’ve got their’s.  Together we can accomplish great things.  We are more than just friends, we are a family.

I guess this is what Richard Branson meant when he said, “Look after your staff first and the rest will follow.”

Monica XO

I love to read your comments below.  Please tell me all about someone you have worked for and how they made you feel like you had purpose or maybe the way in which you do that for your own people.

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