The Magical 2018 Winter Solstice

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!  Time to get those last few things we need for Christmas Day and finally put our feet up!

We made it, everyone!

My Christmas holidays this year will be jam packed with so much activity.  My Mom’s closing day on her house is December 27th so that means celebrating Christmas Eve as is our family tradition.  Then, Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be spent packing up the last of the family home and getting ready for the big move to her lovely new condo!

I think it’s going to be a bittersweet couple of days.  I’ll be making lots of delicious food for all of us to nibble on while we pack and share more wonderful memories.

Once we have my Mom all moved in and settled I am going to take time to rest.  I hope you will too!  The winter solstice insists that we do . . .

The 2018 winter solstice has been extra special.  Not only did we get a full moon this year but a beautiful red sunset and a meteor shower to go along with it.  The winter solstice marks the longest night and shortest day in the northern hemisphere.

I was curious to look up where the most spectacular viewing was to celebrate all this magic in the sky.  It looks like Sweden ranks as one of the top countries where you could not only see up to 10 shooting stars per hour but the northern lights also made an appearance.  Wow!  What a spectacular way to welcome longer days.

By the way, during this sacred time it is more than just longer days that are coming as we work our way towards the summer solstice.  Spiritually this is a time for new beginnings.  Which brings me back to the reason why it is so important to rest.  During the dark nights of winter we need to be gentle with ourselves.  This is the time where we have the power to change old habits, renew and cleanse ourselves of the negativity in our lives that can weigh so heavily.  It’s time to change our focus on hope.  Hope for a better future for ourselves so that we can truly live our life’s purpose.

We hear that phrase a lot don’t we? “Live your life’s purpose.”   A lot of us ask, “What does that mean exactly?  What is my purpose anyway?”

I think that purpose is not just one thing!  I think it’s doing something that fulfills you and makes you forget you are human.  It’s the things we do where we escape and connect with our higher selves.  A few things that give me purpose are caring for the people I love, cooking a nice meal, connecting with new people, designing jewelry, public speaking and writing my blogs.

When I am doing these things I am fulfilled.  Any noise or negativity that surrounds me can’t get in, a shield comes up and protects me because it is more important for me to fulfill my purpose.  You see, the size of your purpose does not matter.  When you are practicing activities daily that make you happy it has a ripple effect on our world.  You spread kindness and love.  The good stuff that helps make this planet a better place.  Something I like to call the power of one!

As you rest over the next couple of weeks think about the things that give you purpose.  Make time for them daily, commit to them and watch how sweet your life will be in 2019.

In closingI wasn’t sure how to close  –  but something magical just happened, right this second.   I like to listen to relaxing music when I write, I just choose a random mix on You Tube.  “Rise” by Herb Alpert just came on.  This was one of my Dad’s favourites!  I’m taking this in a as a big huge loving sign from my dear Dad.

Let’s all “Rise” together in 2019!

Monica XO

Boxing Day is fast approaching, you know what that means?  Check your inbox on the 26th!  XO



Merry Christmas Monica!
Enjoy the time with your Mom. I lost mine on December 5th. I would love to see the Northern lights 1 day too.Thanx for bringing some sparkle to my life .
Don’t let your Dreams just be Dreams!


Monica Graves

Oh Gloria! Thank you so much for this. My heart aches for you. I am so sorry. Sending you lots of love and support. XO

Colleen Ionson

Monica, you are a beautiful soul! Have a wonderful Christmas. Be seeing you in 2019.


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