The Montreal Collection

If anyone knows our Natasha, this girl LOVES to shop!  What I love the most about her is that she saves her pennies to shop local and support people in her community!  That’s pretty much how we met and why she is now such a big part of glamjulz.

There is only one place I think of when asked about the shopping mecca of Canada!  A place where people support artists and prefer to shop in their own community.  It’s no surprise to me that Natasha adores this city.  Take it away Natasha . . .

“Montreal is always an adventure! Its European like flare tugs at my heart strings each time I go there.  The quaint cafés, elegant shops and fashionable feel make this a truly one of a kind city!!

I love the vast range of colours that surround me as I walk through the city.  There is so much to be inspired by.  When I visit I have to spend a little quiet time inside the Notre Dame Basilica.  The ornate gothic facades and beautiful organ inside of the striking chapel always take my breath away.

The streets of Montreal are filled with colour, everything from brightly painted homes to wall murals and sculptures.  The vibrancy of the people who live in this city shines through in the way that they celebrate their artists.

Old Montreal is so intriguing.  As you walk toward the cobblestone roads you can be guaranteed that the perfect wine bar is waiting at the end of it!

I went on my first long distance trip to Montreal with a school group in grade 8.  I saw my first F1 race on the Circuit de Gilles Villaneuve.  That was pure excitement!!  I can still hear the buzz of the engines!

Montreal makes me feel fashionable and creative!  European to the max!!”

Thank you Natasha, reading this makes me want to hop on the next train to our Belle Provence.  Buy myself a new fall wardrobe and spend the evening enjoying Moules et Frites on rue Saint Paul.

The glamjulz Montreal collection is going to be your most beloved Bijoux this season!  Each piece tells a story.  This is a collection of conversation pieces, no matter what your first language.

Montreal, tu est belle, t-es ben chix et trendy au boutte!

Monica XO

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