The Power of True Friendship

Who is the friend you call when you need an escape?  When you want to regress back to the playfulness of your childhood.  The friend who you adore and love so much that you feel over the moon excited for all of their accomplishments in life, kind of as if it was happening to you.

I sincerely hope that all of your friendships feel this way.  One thing I’ve learned from having close friendships is that there is never any reason to compare myself to another person, feel jealous or judgemental about the way they live their life.  The expression “live and let live” is so freeing.  The message of this expression talks to compassion, understanding, kindness and love.  The true foundation of a healthy friendship.

I spent last weekend at my dear friend Catherine’s cottage.  We fished, we swam, we danced on the dock and we enjoyed our beautiful surroundings.  Our discussions were deep and we talked about our future ambitions and aspirations.  We were also open and truthful about our own personal blocks and the life experiences we’ve had that could be holding us back from achieving our dreams and goals.

We sat outdoors in nature all weekend and put our intentions out to the Universe.  Faith, trust and believing in oneself is really important to getting where you need to go in life.  Every single one of us is here for a different purpose.

Being a good friend is about opening up your ears and listening.  Always being in a state of gratitude and also making that person feel safe.  Being the friend who can keep a secret, the friend who cheers the other one on and the friend who always shows up with a big smile to show their support when the going gets tough.

Remember, you ARE a Warrior Princess!  You are alive, you are vital, you are strong!  I can see you now, standing at the top of your mountain, hands on your hips, your rock star hair blowing in the wind, with the understanding that all of the accomplishments you have achieved so far are because you harnessed your power and believed in yourself.

If you haven’t already, start building the best friendship you have ever had with yourself, you can totally do this!  Kindness and love always win.

Monica XO


Catherine van der Oye

It definitely was a magical weekend! Being vulnerable shows strength. Choosing the right people to be vulnerable with is the trick and those are the special ones you hold close. Truly wishing your loved ones happiness and joy and abundance when your own tanks may not be full is powerful and brings that back to you ten fold.
I’ve caught myself comparing myself this year and realized this only brings unhappiness. I’m in the right place for me right now. Taking that comparison element out of things lifted the veil of unhappiness and discontent.
It’s important to embrace nature and feel myself expand and recharge with all that nature has to offer me. Sharing that with friends like my Moni is precious.

Monica Graves

So amazing of you to share this insight Catherine. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy”

Love you tons! XO


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