This Collection Celebrates YOU!

Friday night was a smash hit!!! As per usual the party evolved into a rock and roll dance party in the photo booth!  I hate to say it, but I spent more time striking poses with all of our guests than showing off the new collection in the showroom!  Ha ha!

I think that’s what makes our parties so great – it’s a time to relax, play dress up and just let loose!

Our guests loved everything about the party, from our swag bags to our champagne cocktails and all of the great food!!! I am so lucky to have my strong team around me to make sure that all of our parties are memorable and fun!  Dawn prepared the gift bags so beautifully and cashed out all of our guests. Maggie carefully arranged all the julz and greeted our guests at the door.  Natasha rimmed the champagne cocktails with sugar and cinnamon, poured the drinks and walked our guests through the new collection. My dear Mom made her famous gravlax, cut veggies, prepared cheese trays, and helped keep us organized!

So speaking of amazing women . . .

This season kicks off in such a strong way!  I just had to continue on with my theme to celebrate all of the amazing characteristics of a woman!  We have so much to love ourselves for!  Really!!! Have you ever noticed all of the amazing things you accomplish in a day and how many people love and respect you?  That’s because you’re Generous, Persistent, Gracious, Optimistic, Creative and – let’s not forget – Sassy!

If you missed the party, do not fret, it is going to continue on Social Media over the next six weeks.  You are going to get the inside scoop on where my inspiration comes from, the whole creative process of how the beads are selected and, of course, personal stories from me about what these characteristics mean to me.

Last night I was rockin’ the Persistent trait as I worked on uploading our new images until 11:30pm!  I had to meet my on-line launch deadline! Ha ha!  Sometimes you just gotta do whatever it takes!  Am I right glamgirls?

Monica XO

I’d love to know in the comments below which characteristic describes you best!


Beth Harvey

Loving both Gracious and Creative colour lines. Fresh and zesty! Congratulations on continuing to keep your line young and now!


Sorry I missed the party. But wanted to tell you that I’ve been giving the earrings I bought at the sale to pals for birthdays, for a flooded basement and for no reason at all. All the recipients have been so pleased. Sometimes a small sparkly thing can be so cheering. And it cheers me to give them.
Thanks Monica for creating the sparkle!

Monica Graves

Llana! Thank you for spreading the sparkle love!! Really hope to get you out to the studio one day soon!! XOXO

Monica Graves

Alex! Thank you so much!!! You are going to look sooooo gorgeous in your latest pick! XOXO


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