Time to Veg

Every Holiday season I go through the same thought process.  I can’t wait for that week off!  I am going to sit on the couch, eat whatever I want, drink whatever I want and do NOTHING! Every year I have the same result, I have one day like this and by the end of it I feel bloated, tired and guilty for being unproductive!

This insane behaviour does make me laugh.  It’s the time of year when I’ve been on the go with glamjulz working long days from Halloween to Christmas and it feels almost impossible to just relax and do nothing.  Kind of like I’ve had an amazing workout with no cool down, just a quick drop to the ground!

Being self-employed there is an irrational and underlying fear that if I relax for too long I won’t ever stop.  I’ll sleep in, watch TV and never leave the house.  As I am writing this I realize how ridiculous this sounds.  That behaviour is not even in my personality.

Rest is important and we all need it, as a woman that loves to work I have decided to look at rest as the “work” I need to do to ensure that my brain functions properly so that I may be even more, strategic, inventive, creative and inspired to take all facets of my life to the next level.  In life we are constantly growing and learning, resting can teach us too!  We deserve it!

So don’t feel guilty, let your calls go to voice mail this week and become one with your couch!  You need it!

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