Toronto Strong

Last week cast a dark cloud over Toronto when the devastating news was released about the deadly van attack in the north part of our beautiful city.

I saw an old friend on Facebook post, “This happened on my street, please don’t worry, we are all okay.”  My phone went off several times the next morning with messages from loved ones in Germany and England asking if we were all safe.

When the world turned upside down for Toronto last week it made me stop in my tracks and thank my lucky stars.

This city is my favourite and I’ve traveled to many!  I’ve always called Toronto my city as many others do who feel a part of its beautiful energy.  My brother and I grew up in Toronto on weekends visiting with my Oma.  When we were old enough to travel on our own my parents taught us the public transportation system and later taught us how to drive through the city with confidence.

I might live in Burlington now and I may have grown up in Oakville but I can proudly say that Toronto has always been my beloved city.  I love driving to Toronto and I find myself there at least once a week.

My suppliers are in Toronto, a couple of my best friends, and I’ve made so many important contacts there over the years.

I spent a lot of time in Toronto last week.  I met with my suppliers early in the week because I needed more beads for our amazing “Colours of a Woman” bracelets.  You guys are buying them like hot cakes because you believe in our give back to Dress for Success Toronto, empowering women to realize they were born to succeed.

Friday, I met with my friend Jacqueline in sunny Leslieville where we enjoyed a glass of wine on a patio and discussed our business’ and how we can help each other to grow and develop new ideas.  Then it was off to City Hall to meet my old friend Donna from my high school days.  We walked to Marche, ordered our favourite meals and talked until midnight about the power of our thoughts and putting good intentions out every day.

My week ended perfectly with a private party I hosted in Toronto with Matty’s Fab Avenue.  The evening was to launch an exclusive Swarovski Collection that I have designed for Matty which represents all of the districts of Toronto that are near and dear to him.  The Village, the Distillery, Yorkville, The Fashion District and the Entertainment District.

I really celebrated Toronto last week.  I felt proud to be born there, proud to do business there and proud to give back as I do consider Toronto a big part of my community.

Last week was tragic but we are resilient and our love for this city will always conquer all!

Monica XO

Our Strength Collection this spring makes me think about all of the amazing people I surround myself with who give me strength, I also feel pretty darn strong when I’m shifting gears in my little 5 speed, darting in and out of exciting Toronto traffic!  Mwah ha ha!


Dawn Bartels

I love cruising downtown Toronto with you Monica!!! Always so much fun to visit our beautiful city!!!


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