Use Your Imagination!

This week I took some time to catch up with my friend, writing coach and fellow entrepreneur Tara MacIntosh.

I love time with Tara.  She is a writer and her mind is so darn super creative and on fire all the time.  Her ideas are incredible and I can never get enough of our deep discussions!  I can actually feel my mind expanding as she shares her views and opinions on things!  She gets me all pumped up to take time for myself and keep examining the limitless possibilities that are available to me.

Tara just returned from Vegas where she got married!!! She actually brought real photos in an envelope to show me.  I’m not even kidding you, they were gorgeous.  Especially the photos of Tara and her new hubby falling into bed with Elvis – but that’s another story.

After catching up on all of the Vegas wedding excitement we dove right into what books we are reading and what is currently inspiring us to reach for the stars.  One of the commonalities we discussed was how powerful it is to get laser focused on what it is you want for your life.  I piped up and said to Tara, “Okay, let’s start that right now!  We are on a wonderful girl’s trip together and we are enjoying a drink somewhere fabulous.  Where are we?”  Tara decided Portugal is where we would spend our next two hours discussing our businesses and chatting about life.

We got so giddy happy about the thought of us together in Portugal we started to feel like we really were there!  We talked about eating Shrimp Pizza with fresh hot pepper drizzle, relaxing on the golden beaches surrounded by cliffs and gorgeous rough rock formations and cruising through the Algarve in a sporty classic jeep, hair blowing in the ocean air!   When we said our goodbyes we agreed that one day we would be in Portugal on our private yacht and say, “Wow, remember that afternoon at Emma’s Back Porch in Burlington, now look at us!”

My time with Tara was a lesson for me.  I want to be more selective with what I choose to talk about with my friends.  I got home that evening and asked myself, what is it REALLY that I am sending out to the Universe?  Why do I have things that show up in my life that I don’t want and why oh why do I insist on talking about those things and thinking about them?

I should know better than to engage in that negative stuff, I actually have proof that this is NOT time well invested.  Time well invested is using my imagination, getting excited for things to come, feeling grateful for all the good I have manifested into my life and always knowing that the Universe will indeed take care of me.

As Tara advises, personal journaling is the best way to release your thoughts in a private and productive way.  Writing down how we feel is a healing exercise and it gets us to recognize what it is we do want!  That’s the most important thing to focus on.

I know that I want to go to Portugal with Tara!

Allow me to rephrase . . .

Tara and I are in Portugal with our Yachts parked side by side, may we fly you over to join us?

Monica XO

One of the insightful topics Tara and I talked about was Vulnerability, we both agreed that we can find power when we realize that being vulnerable is a sign of strength and courage.

If you’re not convinced you might want to listen to THIS! XO

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Yay. I am going with to Portugal. It can be part of our tour!! Count me in. I love reading your blogs they inspire me and always teach me something.


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