What’s up with Christmas in July?

Oooh I know some people can’t stand Christmas in July!  Hello?  Why do we even want to go there right now?  The sun is shining and we are trying desperately to get every drop of summer into us.  Fill up with Vitamin D before yet another winter comes around.

I’m thinking back to the mid 70’s for a minute.  For our family having a cottage up north meant lots of sunshine, swimming and fishing BUT whenever we passed through Bracebridge it would be. “Mom, Dad pleeeeeeaaase can we go to Santa’s Village?” The answer was “no” 99.9% of the time.  We actually did go once (with friends), BUT, the more my parents said no, the more I became intrigued with what the heck was going on in that place.  I imagined elves working away in little shops.  Mr & Mrs. Claus double checking the work the elves were doing.  I could see everyone who worked at Santa’s Village so happy that every child, all around the world was going to get their wish for Christmas. I thought for sure that when you entered the gates of the village it would be full of little roads that sparkled in white iridescent and trees strung with candy canes.  I was positive that Bracebridge was the North Pole and it was all happening right here, so close to our cottage.

The magic of what I imagined Santa’s Village to be has always stuck with me.  Now is the time of year when so many artisans start creating for Christmas.  It is our busiest time of the year and seeing people get exactly what they want for Christmas always makes us happy, kinda like the way Santa feels.

You may have received an email or seen our posts about our 2019 Advent Calendars.  This is really a passion project for us.  It’s our time to make you guys feel special and surprise you with little boxes filled with julz we know you will love.

Last year we launched these Advent Calendars for the first time and one of our customers said that during the rush and stress of Christmas she would take the time every night before bed to put a little box on her night table.  When she woke in the morning the first thing she would do would be to open up the box and feel good knowing she had done something really special for herself.  Another wonderful lady bought the calendar for her office of 25 women, every day a different woman would get to open a gift and that was her gift to her co-workers.

This year I had a young woman order our calendar and tell me that when she was young some of her cousins got a chocolate calendar and she never had one.  Now she’s excited about having ordered a calendar that will be filled with julz she will love.

So, I have to admit, this feedback is giving me a warm and fuzzy Santa Claus complex.  With that said, just know that when your Advent Calendar arrives just in time for the month of December every day will be filled with sparkly magic!  Promise!

Monica XO (aka Santa Monica)

Click HERE to order your 2019 Advent Calendar! (tax included and a special gift until July 31st only)

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