19 for a night . . .

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks! We’ve had friends visiting from Germany and their daughter Emma is staying a little longer to help me out at the studio and experience some more of the Canadian culture, eh?

Last week Emma and I went to Ontario Place to see Greta Van Fleet.  If you’ve never heard of them, be very happy you are finding out about them now, ha ha!  I was introduced to them a couple of years ago by a friend, who, like me, is a huge Led Zeppelin fan.  Greta Van Fleet is like a re-incarnation of good old Led Zep.  Their sound is so similar and the lead singer’s voice is almost an exact match to Robert Plant’s.  I admire these guys.  Despite all the criticism they’ve received about sounding too much like Zeppelin they continue to stay true to their sound and write great songs about love, peace and hope.

Emma and I were super hyped to see the show, we listened to their songs as we made julz at the studio last week.  Emma pumped up my enthusiasm just by being Emma.  “Hey Moni, we need to figure out our outfits for the show!  I’ll text you a picture of what I’m going to wear and tell me if you like it.”  Later that day when Emma sent the picture to me my heart just melted.  In that little moment she reminded me of what it felt like to be 19.  She shifted me from wearing my usual black to a concert to really getting into the band’s scene with her.  I pulled out my funkiest hippy shirt, my tasseled sparkly scarf, faded jeans, cowboy boots and the perfect julz of course!  Emma dug my outfit and I have to admit , I felt pretty cool!

We strutted our stuff through the path behind the glamjulz studio and over to the GoTrain station.  While boarding the train I ran into a couple of teens that I know and they sat with us as we headed to the show.  Sitting with these young people and talking about music and fashion, I honestly forgot for that 45 minute train ride that I was born in 1969.  I just felt like one of them.

The evening was perfect at Ontario Place!  The people watching, the cold beer, the food trucks and finally, making our way over to the stage to dance and sing all night with our fellow adoring fans!

If I had kids of my own they would probably be about Emma’s age.  This new generation has been labeled Generation Z! If you don’t have a Generation Z in your life (kids born between the mid 90’s and mid 2000’s) that you can spend time with, I suggest you go find one!  I have yet to meet one to whom I would give a bad rap.  As I, the Gen Xer looked around at a sea of these Gen Z’ds at the concert I was intrigued by kids who have their own style, all looking out for each other and some even partying with their parents (we actually saw a guy face timing his parents so they could see the show)!  My feeling on this generation is that they can teach our generation a lot about self-expression, self-acceptance, concern for the environment and kindness towards all people, regardless of how they dress, skin colour, gender or sexual preference.

It kinda feels like a generation of new hippies who might just get it right this time around!

Monica XO

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Moni, I’m just loving this article and not only because of Emma, sondern you’re damn right: They teach our generation so many about tolerance, Umweltschutz and self confidence.
…but I know a Karin from Canada who has a child almost like Emma. ;))


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