42 Already?

Last week my little brother turned 40 and in a couple of days I will be 42!  Yowzah!  I plan on having a girls night out and then a wonderful day with Wayne, just getting spoiled and feeling like a kid again!  Niagara Falls is always a great place to go for that!  Clifton Hill, the Ferris Wheel, the falls at night, I love it all!

My brother and I are lucky being so close in age, we have a lot of the same friends and when we’ve had parties they’ve always been tons of fun, whether we were turning 10 and 12, or 40 and 42!  On the weekend when we celebrated Eric’s birthday it really hit me, how lucky we are.  Our friends have been around since public school and highschool.  Amazing people, some married, some have kids, some are divorced, some are single…..everyone has had their own unique life experiences but we all accept one another and bond the same way we did back in the 70’s and 80’s.  Whenever we come together we quickly catch up on “life” stuff but before long we are all back on inside jokes, our love for music, memories that we have shared and all of the other important stuff that is the glue in our friendships.

My friends are all so important to me.  They are the family that I have chosen, I always have someone to call and get a new perspective if I am stuck in a rut or just need to see life from a different angle.  Turning 42 is going to be exciting, just like all birthdays, I think it’s important to feel pride in all of our accomplishments.  This year my greatest one will be to recognize that I have chosen the best friends in the Universe!


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I remember you so well at Woodside befriending my lonely little newcomer. Great that you are still best friends


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