Big Kids Forever!

……so, ever catch yourself taking life waaaaay too seriously?  Ummmmmmm……yeah, I do!  Thank god I married Wayne!  Wayne reminds me to enjoy all the fun there is to be had everyday but especially on Halloween!  Halloween is my husband’s Christmas!  He loves it and you can’t help but love it when you are with him!

Here is my scenario every year as Halloween approaches!  OMG……only one more month and the One of A Kind Show is starting…..all of our big events are coming up!  Stress stress stress!! How can I possibly make time for Halloween?? Figuring out a costume?  I don’t have time for all this fun!  I need to put my head down and drown in beads!  And Dawn feels exactly the same way!  That’s where Wayne says, “Hey girls!  First of all calm down, I’ll figure out the costumes and secondly, yes you are going to make the time and we are going to have FUN!!!!”

Never fails!  Every year we look great and have a fantastic time!  Wayne and his friend Craig decided on an X-Men theme this year as you can see…..these guys are an amazing team they built all of our costumes and made us all look so cool and original!  We rocked the Halloween Party!  You should have seen us when the “Rock Band” came out!  LOL!

This time of year always seems to be very emotional for me.  The preparation for Christmas, wanting to please everyone with custom orders so every glam girl has EXACTLY what her heart desires under the tree.  It’s a time where I really do take myself seriously and am willing to sacrifice working 14 hour days to make sure that the Christmas season is successful.

You never know where your biggest support is going to come from when you are overwhelmed and shutting out everything and everyone to work.  In my case it comes from my husband.  He knows how to pull me out of my work obsessed state of mind and remind me how important it is to let loose and enjoy our friends and our life!

……and now, BACK TO WORK!

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You guys looked great for Halloween…

We should all have a Wayne in our lives…you are one lucky girl for sure. Good luck with all your beading and making everyone happy. Take some time too to relax and enjoy the christmas fun. Good luck with the VIP get together hope its a big success. Take care you guys… luv Lynn


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