From Back Aches to Bike Rides . . .

Coming out of hibernation really is quite something.

How is it even possible that in one weekend I went from feeling 100 years old to 10 years old?

Listen, I could go on and on about the aches and pains I’ve had since the Christmas rush and how I’ve promised myself to never work those long hours again.  As my Mom says, pretty much daily, “delegate, delegate, delegate!”

That word of wisdom repeated over and over again is starting to sink in.  It seems to be working!

It’s a little crazy to say this but the more I delegate and free up time, the more I wonder what to do with it.  Usually I start thinking, “Hmmmm, what else can I work on?”

I’m hoping that writing this down will help unravel my over-working tendencies and put me in a place where I will play more.

This weekend, with an achy back and a sore hip I got on my bike!  I love my bike and it was quite apparent that we had missed each other!  A lot!  A 20 minute spin around the neighbourhood turned into a two hour ride with a stop-over at Bronte Creek Provincial Park to say hello to the farm animals and watch the nice older pioneer man in his AC/DC T-shirt make maple syrup.  Ha ha!

Then I started texting my public school friends (aka – the Woodside Wonder Women) to see if anyone was home to take a picture of me goofing around on my bike because I felt like I was ten!  First I texted Melissa, darn her she was over at LaSalle Park having her own fun.  Then I tried Melloney, no answer.  Joanne was next as I traveled north on my bike but she wasn’t available for at least another 20 minutes!  My phone went, “ding”, it was Melloney from Kindergarten to the rescue, “Where are you Moni? I’m home!”.  “Be there in 5 Mel!”  I booted it back to Melloney’s house.  We laughed hysterically as I rode full speed towards her, she snapped the pic and got the shot!  Yaaay Mel!  This half hour of cruising around from house to house was 1979 all over again.

These are the moments I love the most, that feeling of freedom and play with no agenda.  I have thought for months now that I was losing my power with weekly visits to the chiro and moaning as I got off of the couch.  But I’m okay.  I’m better than okay, the bike ride showed me that this weekend and  I was back on that bike this morning.

We most certainly are like bears coming out of hibernation, if it takes a little while to get moving because of the back aching and bones cracking, it’s okay.  Be happy you rested!  Spring is here now, you will feel better soon.

See you on the trails!

Monica XO


Catherine van der Oye

I think you were writing about my weekend! As a realtor, in the springtime, I would drive by all these people being all sporty spice…running, walking, biking…. wishing I could put my kickers on and join them. With no open houses allowed, woe is me….I took my free time this weekend and discovered the Rouge River. I feel like I took off my heavy winter coat and joined the renewal of mother nature with my four-legged boy. After a two-hour walk, we went home and had the best nap ever. I felt like a little kid who had too much sun, fun, fresh air, and exercise, soaking in all that Vitamin D. Ready for the week ahead of me!

Monica Graves

Catherine! This is positively splendid! What a perfect day and way to play! I love this xoxo


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