Remember To Hold Your Head Up High!

Is it just me or have you noticed the fear perpetuating itself throughout our communities?  You go to the grocery store and everyone has their heads down, no one is making eye contact and we’re all trying desperately to stay six feet away from each other.

I totally get it.  I do it too.  I feel like when I’m out getting my essentials, I just want to whip through there, get back into my car and cover every inch of my hands up with hand sanitizer.

I want you to consider something.  Try smiling from underneath your mask when someone passes you by.  They will see it in your eyes.  So many people are all alone in their homes with no human contact.  Showing each other a little validation is not a bad thing.  You actually have the power now to give people hope with something as simple as a smile.

Yesterday I had a walk with Boink around the neighbourhood.  I noticed that one of the houses had a ton of stuff on their driveway.   At first I thought, Garage Sale?  Then I realized, oh no, that’s not what was happening.  As I got about 20 feet away I saw it was a couple about my age, cleaning out their garage and listening to 80’s music.  I saw her pour him a drink in a tiny little glass and then she poured herself one.  They did a cheers, hugged and started dancing on their driveway.

I couldn’t help myself, I just had to interrupt their moment.  As I was yelling, Hey, you guys are so inspiring!, he turned down the music and we had a great chat from 20 feet apart.  They were making fun that they had neglected their garage for 15 years and I said, that just watching their interaction made my day and I thought they were an awesome couple!

You see, they inspired me to let go a little and have some fun too!  When I got home from my walk Wayne and I listened to some of our favourite music and then Zoom called with my Mom and then a good friend of ours who also lives on her own.  We talked and laughed for about two hours and it was just the medicine we all needed.

There is so much sorrow and suffering out there right now.  If you are struggling in any capacity I am sending you a ton of love and hope for a better tomorrow.  If you are like me and your family is healthy and you just want this to be over soon, try focusing on how you can serve others with your inner light.

I’m telling you, the world needs your sparkle now more than ever.

Keep smiling.


Monica XO

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George Eng

Hi Monica
I know that you always hold your head up high and always always have a natural smile and positive attitude !!
Too bad One of a Kind show got delayed..but hoping after this is all over everything will get back to normal.
Be safe..


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